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All in the Family
My mom getting in the spirit.
Rock band?
I brought a harmonica, my son had so much fun playing it. My hubby is a drummer, so we did this shot :)
The gang by the fire
From my first ladies' trip. (We met Eric there)
This slimy old privy may have started my aversion to the ol thunder box
My favorite campfire shot
From Killarney Lake
Blueberry bannock – uncooked
Flour, baking powder and freshly picked blueberries cooked in butter over a wood burning stove.
Temagami Outfitting Compay
To Be Featured
I am the manager for Temagami Outfitting Co. (If you look at other submissions you may see my face in some other peoples pictures)
Mattawa River: the junction of waterways
OR "river with walls that echo its current"
Do not touch!
Info in Sandbanks pp about poison ivy.
White Trout Lake
It's about 4 pm, we are just arriving to White Trout to get set up for the night. It's one of our favourite lakes to...
Morning Ladies’ Paddle
Three generations Mother-in-law, wife, daughter Out for a paddle
Badger paddle (spoon?)
To Be Featured
Me and Kevin
Awesome guy to sit and chat with!
Fox 14
So light! Even my son got to hold it portage style.
Planning our next adventure
Planning our next trip Get the maps plan the menu Grab the fishing rods
My paddling fashion
Paddling in the rain Or paddling in the sunshine I'm a sight to see I can rock the plaid Or a bright yellow raincoat Or both together
Some food I don’t have to cook
After a week's camp Cooking almost ev'ry meal I need a real break In Haliburton There's only one place for me Walt McKechnie's place He played for The Leafs Seventy eight to...
Another AO store visited
I've been to Oxtongue Huntsville, Lake of Two Rivers Now Haliburton Everyone's friendly Happy to pose for pics for Paddle in the Park
Looking tire in the tent
It's been a long week With many miles of paddling I need increased sleep
Looking out
Pondering the day Full of paddling and laughter On Lake Kennabi
I will soon be smiling
I am not smiling Because the coffee's not on And my cup's empty Whose turn was it to Brew the fluid that gives life To the weary man?
Inside looking out
Inside looking out High over the lake below Sleeping on a hill Drop anything here You better run pretty fast Or it's in the lake
Out on a limb
String up the barrel And make a bear pinata Hope they like Cheetos
Friends from the UK
Janice and Gary Came all the way from England To learn to canoe They had a great time Except for the mosquitoes Need stronger bug spray
Eating together
After a long day It's nice to sit and relax Together with food
Fire at night
The rain stopped falling And the stars fin'lly came out Sit 'round the camp fire
Flashlights at night
Flashlights in the dark Haliburton Scout Reserve The sticker's blurry
Becoming proficient
Peter's from England Before thus week had never Paddled a canoe Now he knows the strokes Did in-and-out canoe race And he came in third
Sitting on the shore
Sitting on the shore Under an overcast sky The rain holding off
KapKigIwan Provincial Park, Engleheart Ontario. This park has stolen my heart. The waterfalls are amazing. What a shame that the government has downloaded this park to the Municipality.
To Be Featured
It is not ideal for kids/families due to unsafe water for swimming, but this park is sadly overgrowing. Campsite fire pits are full of...
Florence Lake
To Be Featured
This is an old fishing cabin on Florence Lake in Temagami. The collage is a combination of photos from last week and 63 years ago....
The North means …
To Be Featured
Clean Water, Blue Sky, Beautiful Shorelines, Wild Trees, and the Solitude of Paddling for hours or days just Drinking it All In.
Sitting by a waterfall
From a trip I took to Quirke/Whiskey Lakes
Geocaching in the winter
Honestly I don't do much all winter! But I'll hike to find a fun geocache! This hill was super slippery so I crawled down due...
Hiking in the winter
With my little guy in the pack
Finished the PITPC points lost!!
All done paddle points!! Wooooo!!!!
Visiting Nova Craft Canoes
Some pretty awesome canoes and paddles here!
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