Open Summer of 2017Since 2013, the PITPC (Paddle In The Park Contest) has been advocating to get more people to spend time in nature. And while the contest has evolved over the years, the one thing that has not changed is the fact that the #RewardsAreOutThere. However, 2015 marks a special year for the PITPC. Thus, we have updated the Paddle Points paperwork for our 5 year anniversary celebration with 5 new images (for families, for those who have canoeing canines, and for those who prefer to go solo). Choose and print your favourite by clicking on the image/link of your choosing below… or download and print them all! They’re free to download and use as you wish… laminate your preferred design or make a t-shirt if you want – just as long as you get “Out There”!


No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

Family PITPC 2017 Flag

Download: Family PITPC 2017 Flag

PITPC 2017 Flag

 Download: Woman and Dog PITPC Flag 2017

PITPC 2017 Flag

 Download: Man and Dog PITPC Flag 2017

PITPC 2017 Flag

 Download: Woman PITPC Flag 2017

Man PITPC Flag 2017

 Download: Man PITPC Flag 2017

INSTRUCTIONS: Just click on the “DOWNLOAD” link for any or all of our PITPC images above. Depending on your browser and settings, this should either open in a new window or tab, where you can print right from the browser or save and print later. Alternatively, the file may automatically save to your computer – you might even see a warning, so if nothing happens, look around for a message asking you to save the document.


PITPC 2017


For the record, any one of the above printed Flag images will not only allow you to show your love for the Paddle In The Park Contest (and help us to raise awareness for all the rewards and reasons we should spend time in nature) but these images can also earn you extra PADDLE POINTS! That’s right, just sport any of the PITPC Flag designs in any of the photos you enter for the 2017 Paddle In The Park Contest Paddle Points Event this coming Summer (Starts July!) and increase your chance to win some SWAG and gear from our incredible sponsors – there’s even a canoe from Nova Craft up for grabs!


2017 PITPC Decals

But you probably already knew that, and are here to start downloading and printing your PITPC paperwork so you can start getting creative and taking pictures to help raise your points, your chances of winning, as well as raise a bunch of awareness about why it is important that we spend more time in nature. Right?!


DIY Tip: Laminate your favourite PITPC Flag design after printing to help ensure it lasts for all your adventures. For those of you looking to do an iron transfer of any of the designs onto a t-shirt as a fun home project to do with the kids, just contact us by email (or via any one of our social media channels) for a one colour image if needed.

Okay. You’ve got your official PITPC “Flag”, so now what?! Well, Badger’s mascot, Digger, thinks you should just start getting creative and find your own interesting ways to incorporate your favourite PITPC Flag into your Paddle Point Task List pictures during your outdoor recreational pursuits this summer! Or WAIT to DOWNLOAD the NEW PRINTER FRIENDLY TASK LIST (COMING SOON). Whatever you do, just have fun, and be safe and keep on seeking all the rewards that nature has to offer. Oh, and good luck to everyone seeking the hidden paddles this summer… we hope you all find all the rewards that nature has to offer too!


SPECIAL TO NOTE: For those of you who really dig the PITPC images, or who wish to have a more waterproof and longer lasting version of their favourite PITPC design, we have made a limited number of vinyl decals available for purchase at the Badger Paddles Online Gift Shop over the course of the contest. Sticking one to your favourite gear sure makes it easy to remember to take your Flag with you when you get “Out There”. It looks great on a water bottle, canoe or barrel pack – anything, really. See for more information and to get your paws on a set of PITPC decals and help to support and spread the important message behind the PITPC!