All Official 2019 PITPC Paperwork

Printable 2019 PITPC Flag Images

Pick your favourite design from the  different images below – or you can choose them all!

Then just download, print, and start submitting those Task photos for PADDLE POINTS today. Print them big or really big, laminate them, make them into t-shirts or get the decal if you prefer… whatever you do, just get “Out There”!

INSTRUCTIONS: Just click on the “DOWNLOAD” link for any or all of our PITPC images below. Depending on your browser and settings, this should either open in a new window or tab, where you can print right from the browser or save and print later. Alternatively, the file may automatically save to your computer – you might even see a warning, so if nothing happens, look around for a message asking you to save the document.

Make Your Own Yellow Iron On T-shirt or Flag

Printable Reward Task List 2019

Remember, the more photos you enter, the more #PADDLEPOINTS you collect; the more #PADDLEPOINTS you collect, the better your class ranking will be; the better your class ranking is, the better the prize packs are to win!

PITPC title classes include  Explorer, Pathfinder, and the coveted 1st class title of Wilderness Guide – where our grand prize winner will take home a brand new Prospector from Swift Canoe  and more!

We have over $10,000.00 of gear and prizes to give away – so start earning your PADDLE POINTS now!

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