Paddle In The Park Contest - There are rewards to getting "Out There"
More paddles. More rewards. More time in nature.

Find Yourself A Paddle..


So What's This All About?


On the surface, the Paddle In The Park Contest is a chance to find a hidden paddle in a park, somewhere in Ontario. But that’s just a small, incidental aspect of this summer-long event. The contest was conceived as way to re-enforce the idea that being in Nature is truly a rewarding experience – or like what we call being “Out There”. To do this, we listed at least 9 rewards then added another: a tangible representation of all those rewards in the form of a handcrafted Badger® canoe paddle and other gear and prizes.

People had a lot of fun following the contest and looking for clues, because when each paddle was found we drew a random winner for a prize package. 2013 was a huge success, with 2014 being even bigger and better with more paddles, and more paddle hiders. In 2015 we opened up the contest to even more outdoor enthusiasts by way of the Paddle Points Contest, where people uploaded camping photos for a chance to win a Nova Craft Canoe and even more gear and prizes. This year, we have even more rewarding surprises planned - all in celebration of nature. So grab your maps, your gear, and get “Out There” this summer. You will definitely be rewarded for it!

Find Yourself Some Rewards.

Hidden hand-crafted BADGER® Paddles

The Paddles

AO Tom Thomson Paddle
2017 Paddles, AO Tom Thomson Paddle
UPDATE: This paddle has now been found and claimed. Full story to come! The Algonquin Outfitters – Tom Thomson Paddle and Prize Pack: This oiled,...
KO A.Y. Jackson Paddle
2017 Paddles, KO A.Y. Jackson Paddle
UPDATE: This paddle has now been found and claimed. After multiple tries and a few near successes over the years, we are happy to announce...
Algonquin Outfitters PORTAGE QUEEN Paddle
2017 Paddles, AO Portage Queen Paddle
UPDATE: This paddle has now been found and claimed by Her Royal Majesty Verna-Dawn Higgins, as the newly crowned 2017 AO PORTAGE QUEEN! See the...
Happy Camper Paddle
2017 Paddles, Happy Camper Paddle
UPDATE: This paddle has now been found and claimed by Ashley Tamlin and her very special crew. Paddles up and congrats to them! To read...
Killarney Outfitters Paddle
2017 Paddles, Killarney Outfitters Paddle
UPDATE: This paddle has now been found and claimed by Brittany Schmidt. Interestingly enough, this paddle was also found by a PITPC legend with our...
int(0) Paddle
2017 Paddles, Paddle
UPDATE: This paddle has now been found and claimed by Jennifer Siren. Paddles up and congratulations to Jennifer! See Jennifer’s story about how and where she found...
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Find Yourself In Nature.

The Rewards

The 9+1 Rewards that inspired this whole thing!


Back again for 2017: PADDLE POINTS

Back again for 2017: Paddle Points

There are a limited number of PADDLE POINTS up for grabs again this summer. To enter, just upload photos of you and your friends camping and completing tasks from our official list of various outdoor related challenges; all for your chance to win gear and prizes from our fabulous sponsors, including a brand new Prospector from Nova Craft Canoe! Also important to note: By incorporating the official PITPC hashtag "#RewardsAreOutThere" in your photos, or when you include a copy of one of our free 2017 official PADDLE POINTS Flag images, you get even more points value for each verified photo!

The more photos you enter, the more PADDLE POINTS you collect; the more paddle points you collect, the better your class ranking will be; the better your class ranking is, the better the prize packs are to win! PITPC title classes include Tenderfoot, Explorer, Pathfinder, Voyageur, and the coveted 1st class titles of Wilderness Guide, Trip Leader, and Company Factor.

We have over $5000.00 of gear and prizes to give away - so start earning your PADDLE POINTS now!


You have a passion for getting "Out There". You are willing to explore new places and spend time in ...


You have a good amount of knowledge about the backcountry and can find your way around ...


You understand what it takes to slog a canoe or a loaded pack across a portage and have taken ...

Wilderness Guide

This top class of adventurers are the scouts and leaders of our wilderness trails. You have...