Cabin Falls Paddle

laser engraved logo on a solid wood cherry canoe paddle depicting the Paddle in the Park Contest anniversary logo for 2019

Cabin Falls Paddle

The Cabin Falls Paddle and Prize Pack:

This elusive Badger canoe paddle with custom laser engraving, comes with a Badger Paddle Sock and a wood PITPC collector’s tag. More details coming soon.

Once you find and officially claim this paddle, you will also be entered to win a Prospector 16 from Nova Craft Canoe made from their TuffStuff™ with Ash Trim. Remember, only official 2019 paddle-finders will be eligible for a chance to win the #PathOfThePortageur Grand Prize of a Nova Craft canoe!

The Cabin Falls Prize Pack

Once you lay official claim to the paddle, you will also be awarded the prizes from our generous sponsors (minus the paddle already found and claimed!):

To be updated.

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