Badger Special Edition Paddle

Special Edition Limited Issue Walnut Badger Canoe Paddle with laser engraved aluminum inlay Badger paw logo on rustic wood background

Badger Special Edition Paddle

The Badger Special Edition Paddle and Prize Pack:

Update: This paddle was officially found and claimed. Details to come!

This elusive 63″ Walnut Tripper, oiled, Special Edition canoe paddle with custom laser engraving and unique aluminum inlay, featuring the planting of 10 trees in collaboration with TreeEra, also includes a Badger Paddle Sock and a wood PITPC collector’s tag.

Once you find and officially claim this Special Edition Badger paddle, you will also be entered to win a Prospector 16 from Nova Craft Canoe made from their TuffStuff™ with Ash Trim. Remember, only official 2019 paddle-finders will be eligible for a chance to win the #PathOfThePortageur Grand Prize of a Nova Craft canoe!

The Badger Special Edition Paddle Prize Pack

Once you lay official claim to this Special Edition paddle by Badger, you will also be awarded the prizes from our generous sponsors (minus the paddle already found and claimed!):


Badger Special Edition Paddle and Prize Package:

60" Badger Tripper - Special Edition canoe paddle, oiled, with a Badger Paddle Sock, custom laser engraving, aluminum inlay, signed/numbered/dated, and wooden collector's tag $349.00
Special Edition - Badger Anniversary Paddle Package Extras: 10 Trees Planted by TreeEra, 1/2 Pint Badger Wood Oil, Limited Issue Badger Anniversary T-shirt, Badger Decals (Price included with Paddle value above)
Set of 4 Unlostify Maps $80.00
Algonquin Outfitters Gift Card $50.00
Sometimes Eventful #WeGetOutside Tote $25.00
1 Free Adult Pass to The Canadian Canoe Museum $12.00
Badger Special Edition Prize Package Total Value $516.00

NEW: Download and print the official 2019 Flag for a better chance to be seen along the #PathOfThePortageur this season!

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