Trip Diary Reward Winners (as announced at OAS Toronto 2016)

Trip Diary Reward Winners (as announced at OAS Toronto 2016)

As you may have heard,  the Trip Diary Reward Winners were announced by Preston Ciere at the Toronto 2016 Outdoor Adventure Show (ADVENTURES IN PADDLING STAGE) while presenting The Outdoor Playground that Awaits You for Canoe Camping in Algonquin Provincial Park. The first official PITPC preseason clue was also hidden within Preston’s presentation as well (which will be revealed again at a later date). Yes, we are still tricky like that! For those who missed Preston and his canoe dog Nancy at the big show, the Trip Diary Reward Winners are as follows:

PITPC Trip Diary Winner Naturenut89

PITPC Trip Diary Winner: Jackie Avdichuk @Naturenut89

PITPC Trip Diary Winner KindredWanderings

PITPC Trip Diary Winner: Dave Lanovaz @Kindred Wanderings

PITPC Trip Diary Winner Betula

PITPC Trip Diary Winner: Jess Brenner @Betula

PITPC Trip Diary Winner TinaM

PITPC Trip Diary Winner: Tina McAuley @Tina M

PITPC Trip Diary Winner eclingman

PITPC Trip Diary Winner: Elizabeth Clingman @eclingman

PITPC Trip Diary Winner paulbruch

PITPC Trip Diary Winner: Paul Bruch @paul.bruch

PITPC Trip Diary Winner ExplorersTread

PITPC Trip Diary Winner: Muffy Davies @Explorers Tread

PITPC Trip Diary Winner ScouterDeryck

PITPC Trip Diary Winner: Deryck Robertson @ScouterDeryck

PITPC Trip Diary Winner Some_Eventful

PITPC Trip Diary Winner: Gayle Labuz @Some_Eventful

PITPC Trip Diary Winner The Camping Family

PITPC Trip Diary Winner: Marian Sonntag @The Camping Family


As a surprise to PITPC Paddle Points participants, these 10 (ten) lucky Trip Diary Reward Winners have been randomly chosen from all of the 2015 Paddle Points Seekers –  in honour of our insightful list of  9 (+1) Rewards & Reasons To Spend Time In Nature. (Seriously, it really is an important list, so be sure to review and share the 9(+1) Rewards if you have not had the chance to already!)


PITPC Sponsors 2015

A big paddles up and congrats to all of the Trip Diary Reward Winners and recipients of the (+1) rewards from our generous sponsors! Each winner received a various assortment of prizes ranging from dog gear and treats (See Sawyer Run), dinette eating sets and Platypus soft bottles (Sojourn), Maps of Temagami (Jeff’s Maps), guidebooks (Hap Wilson) (Kevin Callan), canoe straps (Canadian Canoe Museum), mini LED flashlights (Algonquin Outfitters), decals (WILDROCK Outfitters) ( (Badger Paddles) and more! Thanks again to our supportive sponsors.

Note: If you are a Trip Diary Winner (and see your name and photo above) and you did not pick up your prize bag at the Outdoor Adventure Show from Preston, then watch your email for instructions or contact us and we will ship you your prize(s).

Okay now, with all these paddling pics we just featured, who is getting excited for spring?!


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