Preston Ciere



Preston is a popular blogger, outdoor advocate, portageur extraordinaire and best friend to the famous Nancy – a New Orleans rescue dog who went from the Louisiana bayou to running around the Ontario back-country. Together they dedicate their time to encouraging people to go portaging by sharing stories of their adventures while offering entertaining yet very helpful trip advice. Preston is very passionate about the outdoors and thinks everyone should be having fun in a canoe or under one. When it comes to canoe tripping he has even been known to say “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong”. Preston really digs the places our Ontario water-trails lead him to. So much so that his blog is titled! We’re not sure if he likes to test his meddle or if he’s just that crazy about portaging, but Preston and his portageur pooch Nancy have hidden the most paddles for this contest. He has stashed paddles in Algonquin Park, Killarney, and Temagami while lil’Nancy kept a lookout for squirrels and prospective paddle finders.