2016 Wilderness Guide Task Master – Toby Clipperton

2016 Wilderness Guide Task Master – Toby Clipperton

Well then, paddles up and a big ol’congratulations to Toby Clipperton for being the First To Finish the full 2016 PITPC Task List with a total of 11,175 Paddle Points! Toby was out taking photos of his wilderness adventures and uploading those PITPC Task pictures in record time (all 107 of them) allowing him to become our 2016 Wilderness Guide Task Master! He entered his last Paddle Points photo on September 3, 2016 at 10:07 A.M. from Killarney, and has been waiting patiently for official verification ever since [which came a bit slower than usual due to the fact that our Supervising Paddle Point Verification Manager (Preston) has sadly been a bit distracted as of late over the shady demise of Ms. Moss (who he had taken a real lichen to). However, we are hoping he maple through soon.] But it’s all official now, so see what Toby has won below and what he has to say about his win and being part of the PITPC!

See all of Toby’s Paddle Points submissions: @TobyClipperton

WILDERNESSGUIDE-1-BADGE-TASKMASTER5 Questions with Toby Clipperton, 2106 Wilderness Guide – Task Master

1) When did you first hear about the PITPC and how long have you been an active participant?

I have been following the contest since 2014, that July we started to search for a paddle yet was too late to find one just off Ragged lake. Last year I tried harder to figure out the clues, but clues are just not my thing, with every new clue, I was even more lost. We managed to take a few photos but no where near the amount we had this year. This year was the year I was determined to finish the list. Most of my trips are recorded for my Youtube channel so taking the pictures for the contest was just another element to the trips.


"Looking Out" as submitted by Toby Clipperton

2) What does the PITPC mean to you?

The contest really does what the title requires, it gets you out there. I started watching Youtube videos on backcountry camping like there was no tomorrow. I started buying gear in the winter for our trips starting in May. With each trip it got us “out there” more than I would have if the contest wasn’t on.

3) What is your favourite PITPC Task?

My favourite task had to be the different locations of the tasks. I had never been to Peterborough before, going to see the canoe museum, I probably would never have gone there if not for the contest.

"Old Canoes" as submitted by Toby Clipperton

4) What do you find the most rewarding about being “Out There”?

Killarney PP, wow that was a great unexpected weekend! I usually only camp at Algonquin. So having to go to Killarney and seeing the white tops of the quartzite hills was amazing, I will always remember that first time, canoeing from George Lake and heading north and seeing red hills beside you followed by white hills in the distance; it was memorable, very rewarding.

5) Where is the first place that you think you will go to christen your new personalized paddle from Badger and the PITPC?

I will probably wait until my annual May 24 trip in Algonquin to use my new paddle.

"It's dark out here!" as submitted by Toby Clipperton

So again, congratulations to Toby for finishing the PITPC Task List in record time and securing the title of Wilderness Guide – Task Master! Check out the rest of the prize packages still up for grabs and see what (+1) Rewards Toby has won below:
TASK MASTER – WILDERNESS GUIDE badge = 5500 (or more!) Paddle Points

The winner of the Wilderness Guide I – Task Master (First To Finish) Prize Pack will be awarded to the PITPC Paddle Points contestant who is the first person to complete the official Paddle Points Task List* before the end of the Paddle Points Contest period, and it includes the following gear and prizes from our generous sponsors:


Portageur.ca Decal

The Wilderness Guide I – Task Master Prize Pack

Portageur.ca Decal – Portageur.ca $8.00
Badger Canoe Paddle – Cherry (oiled) with Badger Paddle Sock $139.00
Custom Personalization – Laser Engraving – Badger Paddles $75.00

*If no contestant fully completes the official Paddle Points Task List within the official Paddle Points contest period, the organizers may award the “The Wilderness Guide I – Task Master Prize Pack” randomly to an eligible Paddle Points contestant, or as the Organizers see fit at the time. Also important to note: the “The Wilderness Guide I – Task Master Prize Pack” winner will still eligible to receive all remaining prize packs.

Camp fire snaps" as submitted by Toby Clipperton

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