2017 Tenderfoot Prize Package Winner!

2017 Tenderfoot Prize Package Winner!

And so without further ado, we are delighted to present our the Tenderfoot winner of 2017!

Paddles up and congratulations to @LindaSvar (Linda Svarovsky)!

See the winners’ announcement schedule plus everything that Linda has won below.

Paddle Points Winner Announcement Schedule:

Today’s announcement: Tenderfoot Winner
Saturday, November 4th announcement: Explorer Prize Package
Sunday, November 5th announcement: Pathfinder Prize Package
Monday, November 6th announcement: Voyageur Prize Package
Tuesday, November 7th (double) announcement:
Wilderness Guide Prize Package  and Trip Leader Prize Package
Wednesday, November 8th announcement: Company Factor – Grand Prize Package

TENDERFOOT Badge = 10 Paddle Points (minimum one photo)

The Tenderfoot Prize Pack will be awarded to the PITPC Paddle Points entrant who has the least amount of Paddle Points accumulated at the end of the contest period.*

The person who gets the least amount of Paddle Points this season definitely needs to get “Out There”… like really “Out There”. So this prize pack is the perfect way to start your wilderness adventure, with the help of the trusted crew at Algonquin Basecamp!

Algonquin Base Camp Lodge Stay - Prize Pack

Algonquin Basecamp Lodge – Tender Foot Prize Package value: $660.00 CAD from Algonquin Base Camp in Kearney

Algonquin Basecamp Lodge Package Description:

  • Trip planning and permit booking assistance
  • A Self-guided complete outfitting pkg for 2 for up to 3 days
  • Lodge accommodation for first night with hands on training for canoe tripping into Algonquin
  • Complete food pkg (for duration of canoe trip)

Note: Winner would be responsible for transportation, park permits, and meal requirements at the lodge.(there is a full equipped kitchen to bring your own food)

The day before the canoe trip the winner will arrive at the lodge. Many details of the trip will have already been reviewed prior to arrival- now it will be time to review everything hands on to ensure for a safe trip. The review will include park rules, route detail, canoeing skills, general safety, portaging, canoe tie down, tent setup, tarp rigging, equipment review, weather, wildlife, food/water management, no-trace camping. Once there is a good knowledge base we will start packing things up so that everything is ready for the following morning departure. For those that feel they would also like to have some type of communication, the SAT phone or Spot can be included into this pkg.

 Algonquin Basecamp Lodge – Tender Foot Prize Package value CAD  $660.00

Algonquin Base Camp

*In the case of a Paddle Points tie, the winner of the Tenderfoot Prize Pack will be chosen by way of random selection from all tied/eligible Tenderfoot entrants.

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