The 2017 Paddle Points Winner Announcements

The 2017 Paddle Points Winner Announcements

As you know, we’ve been doing things a little differently with the prizes this season and the same goes for announcing this year’s winners. Usually, we do it all as just one big announcement but this season we are going to be presenting the Paddle Points winners individually, once a day, starting with our Tenderfoot winner then working up to and ending with the grand prize Company Factor.

And yes, we know it’s been a long and adventurous season. But just before we announce our first Paddle Points winner of 2017, we would just like to thank all of our generous and knowledgeable sponsors for their amazing support and contributions, as well as our official (and unofficial) interns for volunteering their time and energy just because they love the PITPC and what it stands for.

Plus we would like to thank all of you – from the paddle-seekers to the paddle-finders to the points enthusiasts –  for sharing your love and passion for nature with us and the rest of the world… and for helping to make the PITPC the best outdoor advocacy campaign (disguised as a contest) that was or ever could be.

Paddle Points Winner Announcement Schedule:

Friday, November 3rd (evening) announcement: Tenderfoot Prize Package
Saturday, November 4th announcement: Explorer Prize Package
Sunday, November 5th announcement: Pathfinder Prize Package
Monday, November 6th announcement: Voyageur Prize Package
Tuesday, November 7th (double) announcement:
Wilderness Guide Prize Package  and Trip Leader Prize Package
Wednesday, November 8th announcement: Company Factor – Grand Prize Package

Note: All winners were chosen in the order as specified by the contest rules but may be announced out of order.

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