2017 Company Factory Prize Package Winner!

2017 Company Factory Prize Package Winner!

And now finally, our Company Factor Prize Package winner of 2017!

Paddles up and congratulations to @Kay_Es56 (Katherine Siren)!

Having  33 task photos completed, with a total of 1135 Paddle Points, Katherine was just promoted from Voyageur status to Company Factor. And not only is Katherine now the Company Factor Grand Prize Package winner but she was also our Wilderness Guide winner from last summer!  That’s some dedication to spending time in nature, not to mention her loyalty to the PITPC. No wonder she received this well-deserved promotion!

See the all of Katherine’s 2017  PITPC adventures in photos plus everything that she has won below.


Paddle Points Winner Announcement Schedule:

Friday, November 3rd (evening) announcement: Tenderfoot Winner
Saturday, November 4th announcement: Explorer Winner
Sunday, November 5th announcement: Pathfinder Winner
Monday, November 6th: Voyageur Winner
Tuesday, November 7th (double) announcement:
Wilderness Guide Winner  and Trip Leader Winner
Today’s announcement: Company Factor – Grand Prize Winner

COMPANY FACTOR Badge = 10 (or more!) Paddle Points (minimum one photo required)

The winner of the Company Factor – Grand Prize will be will be chosen by way of random selection, from all eligible Paddle Points contestants. Every (verified) Paddle Points photo uploaded will be considered as one entry towards the Grand Prize canoe! (Chances of winning depends on the number of valid entries received during the contest period.)

And really, what better prize could there be for our Company Factor – Grand Prize winner, than a custom Badger canoe paddle and a brand new 16′ Fiberglass Prospector Canoe from Nova Craft?!

Company Factor – Nova Craft Canoe – 2017 Grand Prize:


16’ Fiberglass Prospector Canoe from Nova Craft Canoe: MSRP $1399.00 CAD

Paddle the true north and the near north with your brand new Prospector canoe from Nova Craft! Nova Craft Canoe is a Canadian owned and operated company, since 1970. And while the scope may have expanded since then, their core focus remains simple – build quality canoes that give paddlers special experiences in the great outdoors. It’s all about making a connection to nature and wild places, be it solo or with friends and family.

Plus don’t forget that you get to celebrate your win of a new Nova Craft canoe with a made-to-order custom Badger canoe paddle, Canoeroots subscription,  and an awesome Portageur.ca decal too!


Portageur.ca Decal

Company Factor – Nova Craft Canoe – Grand Prize Pack

 16’ Fiberglass Prospector Canoe from Nova Craft Canoe/London’s Paddle Shop  $1399.00
Badger Canoe Paddle – Cherry (oiled) with Badger Paddle Sock $139.00
Custom Personalization – Laser Engraving – Badger Paddles $75.00
Paddling Magazine  1 Year Print/Digital Subscription – Rapid Media $20.00
Portageur.ca Decal – Portageur.ca $8.00

Note: Canoe pick up location is London Paddle Shop/Nova Craft Canoe, located in London, ON Canada. Cost of canoe delivery, and any extra duties, fees, or taxes, is the sole responsibility of the Company Factor – Grand Prize Winner. The winning contestant is also responsible for all arrangements regarding their canoe prize by making direct contact with Nova Craft Canoe.

Custom Badger Paddle, Portageur.ca decal, and Canoeroots subscription will be mailed.


Nova Craft Canoe Logo

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