AO Shopping Spree Cancelled – Or Is It?

AO Shopping Spree Cancelled – Or Is It?

Unfortunately our Facebook Live shopping trip to Algonquin Outfitters we had planned was cancelled. We’re super bummed about that (Sorry!), but fear not as we have still have a solution to the AO shopping spree that never ended up happening. (I still blame the spider.) We thought the next best thing would be to have the winners do their own shopping themselves with loaded gift cards from Algonquin Outfitters! How exciting is that?!


How to make a Portageur late. #NoYOUjustFlickItAway #IGuessItsHisCarNow

Posted by on Wednesday, September 6, 2017


And so over the next weeks, we will be adding the following gift cards to the 2017 Prize Packs (plus more gear and prizes from all our other awesome sponsors too!):

Hidden AO PITPC Paddle Prize Packs
$250 AO Gift Card – AO PORTAGE QUEEN Paddle
$250 AO Gift Card – AO Tom Thomson Paddle

Plus another $950 worth of AO gift cards to add to some of the different Paddle Points Prize Packs! Yep, pretty exciting.

So even though we won’t get to do a Facebook Live video from AO, in the end you still get to pick your prizes. There, take that Mr. Spider!

Keep checking back and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for our next live video – and don’t forget there’s one more paddle still “Out There” to find!


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