Unlostify Paddle – FOUND & CLAIMED!

Unlostify Paddle – FOUND & CLAIMED!

It’s official, everyone! The Unlostify Paddle has been found and claimed by Nick Beattie! And so without further ado, we present to you in his own words, Nick’s paddle-finder story…

I discovered the Paddle in the Park contest a few months ago, and kinda became obsessed with finding a paddle this summer. I had been scratching my chin over the clues for the Unlostify Paddle, but had no idea after 3 clues.

The fourth clue dropped on Saturday but I didn’t see it till Sunday morning. As soon as I read the clue I knew I needed to get out my Algonquin maps. About an hour of scouring 2 different maps with my girlfriend Emily and we were pretty sure we knew it was on the Portage to Black Fox from Hwy 60. So, time to jam together a day bag, throw the dog in the car and drive 3.5 hours up to Algonquin!

We made it to the permit office around 3:30. We found the road leading to the dumping station was closed. So we retreated back 600m to a small parking area to leave the car. We hiked to the start of the portage, then spent 4 hours slowly searching our way along, reading clues to each other and wondering if THIS was the spot. After doing the whole portage and returning to the beginning, we decided to take one more look at the first boggy area we encountered.

It was just when I reached the last board that I turned around and saw a weirdly square piece of wood tucked into a tree. As soon as I saw it I knew I had found it. I may have done some hooting and or hollering. I freed it from the spruce it was tied to and gave Emily the biggest hug.

We got back to the car just before dark and did the drive back home in absolute bliss. And now I’m telling everyone I talk to about my new paddle. Some are more interested than others.

I’ve already taken the paddle on a couple day trips, and fully intend on making it my go to tripping paddle for many years. It’s an unbelievable upgrade from my previous $25.00 paddle :).

I’ve attached a few more pictures we have from our day of searching, please let me know what else I can do to help! This is an amazing contest and I’m really grateful! Finding that paddle was the highlight of a pretty awesome summer!

Thanks again,

Nick Beattie

(Submitted via email.)

Thanks to Nick (and Emily!) for being part of this year’s Paddle in the Park Contest and for providing us with some of the best paddle-finder smiles – ever!

There are still more paddles to be found and claimed – plus don’t forget to check out our #PaddlePoints Challenge too –  and as always, just keep getting “Out There”!

See what Nick has won:

Unlostify Paddle & Prize Package

60" Ash Badger Sliver canoe paddle, oiled, with Badger Paddle Sock , custom laser engraving, and wooden collector's tag $249.00
Set of 4 Unlostify Maps $80.00
Unlostify Wall Map - Your Choice (from available stock) $50.00
Badger Wood Oil 1/2 Pint Tin $12.95
1 Free Adult Pass to The Canadian Canoe Museum $12.00
Unlostify Prize Package Total Value $403.95

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