Top 3 Reasons To Let Your PITPC Flag Fly

Top 3 Reasons To Let Your PITPC Flag Fly

If you don’t have your PITPC “Flag” yet, or are wondering what the PITPC “Flags” are all about, we’ve compiled an official list of the top 3 reasons why you should be flying your PITPC loud and proud this summer!

Reason #1: Advocacy

One of the secrets behind the PITPC is that it’s like one big summer outdoor advocacy campaign that is sort of disguised as a contest. So when you download, print, or sport any one of the PITPC images, you are helping to raise awareness about all the benefits of spending time in nature, plus being an advocate for people to get “Out There”!

That means, every time you use the PITPC flag on your adventures or upload a Paddle Points photo, you are championing all of the rewards and reasons why we should be spending time in nature every day. And when you talk about the flags, or when people look curious and want to know what you’re doing “Out There” and why you’re doing it, tell them all about it. Be a PITPC Ambassador for Nature and help us celebrate all the rewards we find in nature, everyday!

Paddle-hiders and their PITPC Flags!

Reason #2: Participation

The use of the new PITPC Flag images is one way for Paddle In The Park Contest organizers to ensure that you actually got “Out There” during the months of the contest. You can use old trip photos too, if you would like, but for those who can show any of the PITPC Flags in their pictures, there is no doubt that you regularly get “Out There” – thereby helping to ensure our parks and other wild spaces are being used and supported – not lost to industry – and that deserves more rewarding!

PITPC Flags help to increase your chances of winning those (+1) Rewards and prizes!

Reason #3: The Odds 

Every time you find a creative way to include your 2017 PITPC Paperwork/Flag, you will get triple the points value for that photo task! And in keeping with years past, incorporating the official PITPC hashtag (#RewardsAreOutThere) or any past 2015/2016 PITPC Flag(s)  in any one of your Paddle Points photos, you will get double the points value for that picture. Points that will give you the chance to win some great gear and prizes. So while just one photo may get you a chance at winning the grand prize which includes a brand new Prospector from Nova Craft Canoe, the more photos you enter – the greater your chance is to win! The more photos you enter, the more points you collect. The more points you collect, the better the prize packages. The more time you spend in nature, the better it is for you. So that just makes it all worth while, right there!

Get and print your PITPC Flags here: Downloads

Or check out the official limited edition PITPC Flag decals here:

An interesting note for PITPC enthusiasts:

When Preston and Fiona first discussed the idea of introducing the new “Paddle Points” system for the PITPC in 2015, there was some concern over how to ensure that people were actually getting out there for the current season. So Fiona suggested having everyone carry around the most current front page of their local newspaper for their Paddle Points pictures. Yes, we know, Preston thought this was pretty silly too, and refused to make you look like a bunch of bush hostages all summer long; thus he suggested that we create a travelling points card instead, which soon evolved into the PITPC “Flag” images we use today!

Preston is so smart!

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