Top 10 Reasons To PITPC This Summer!

Top 10 Reasons To PITPC This Summer!

Yes, it’s true, we just made the term PITPC a verb! We also compiled 10 of the top reasons why you should make PITPC-ing part of your adventures this summer. For those of you don’t know what to PITPC is, it’s the acronym for the Paddle In The Park Contest. And for those of you who don’t know what to PITPC is all about, it’s actually the best outdoor advocacy campaign (disguised as a contest) that you could ever take part in. But it’s also so much more than that.

So what are the Top 10 Reasons to PITPC this Summer? Let the countdown begin!

Top 10 Reasons to PITPC this Summer

#10 • You can PITPC alone or with others. Do it with your family, your friends, your dog, or any combination of these and more; young or old, big or small, the PITPC is fun for all!

#9 • You can go anywhere you want “Out There” for a chance to win a Nova Craft Canoe and other great gear. You don’t have to travel to any specific park or place to be entered to win the canoe and other prizes. However, the more photo Tasks that you complete and enter, the better your chance will be to win!

#8 • Gets you outside all summer. The paddles are hidden sporadically throughout the contest period, so there is no reason why you couldn’t be out looking for paddles all season long. Plus, our Task List is no small challenge. Those who complete it will have had to have spent a lot of time “Out There”.

#7 • Prompts a conversation with the kids. We all know that children are the future, and that we must teach them well and all that. But seriously, the PITPC gives you countless teachable moments with your kids. From just going over the list of Rewards, to a simple walk in your local park, or even a full blown wilderness adventure – your children will be learning about the importance of our natural world and have a better respect for their place in it.

#6 • Become an advocate for our parks and for nature. As soon as you sport your PITPC paperwork (flag, decal… whatever you want to call it) you are already taking part in the advocacy part of this initiative – bringing awareness and educating people about how important spending time in nature is to our wellbeing. So when they ask what that image is that you are carrying around, you can tell them all about those 9[+1] Rewards that we keep harping about!

#5 • Support small businesses and the local outfitters who support you.  We’re talking about the people who know the local lakes, rivers and routes you will be travelling to and who can help to guide and get you there. The personally dedicated ones who believe in quality over quantity and who inspire you with their years of knowledge and expertise. These are the people who are the real backbone of the outdoor industry.

#4 • Challenges your brain and your body, but not too much. From those tricky clues for the hidden paddles, to the taking on of the official Task List, to the very challenge of adventuring in nature; the PITPC can be made to personally fit whatever level of outdoor experience YOU have!

#3 • Win prizes. ‘Nuff said.

#2 • Supports our parks and wild spaces. Whether you are looking for a hidden Badger paddle, seeking those Paddle Points, or you just finished reading the list of those 9[+1] Rewards, the PITPC is bound to inspire you to at least visit your local green space, if not one of the big Parks!

#1 • You get to reap all the rewards found in nature. Yeah, this is the biggest reason we’ve got… and we’ve got 9[+1] of ’em to back up that statement. See them all listed at the link below and keep getting “Out There” everyone!


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  • Jtbeer
    Posted at 20:02h, 14 August

    Just took that bow photo yesterday morning. You guys are quick! Thanks for using it!