Sponsor Announcement: Welcome Back, Badger Paddles®!

Paddle dipping in the water beside canoe.

Sponsor Announcement: Welcome Back, Badger Paddles®!

Let’s just say it: There would be no Paddle In The Park Contest without Badger Paddles®, the fantastic people who founded this great outdoor advocacy program disguised as a contest! As our primary sponsor, it’s these kind folks who supply the beautiful, hand-crafted paddles we hide away each summer — the “paddles” in the Paddle In The Park Contest. They’re not only generous sponsors, they are master artists. Seriously, folks, these are probably the best paddles on the market today — handcrafted, using gorgeous light-but-strong woods to make something you’ll just love to “dig the water” with. Plus they’re made right here in Ontario, in Huntsville.

What makes Badger Paddles even more special is the ability to fully customize your paddle. You can have it laser engraved, hand-painted, or left unfinished so you can put the finishing touches on it yourself. Whatever it is you have in mind, talk it over with Fiona and she’ll express your vision in paddle form. Or let her show you some of her own ideas; either way, you’ll be more than happy!

Speaking of which, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the wonderful duo behind Badger Paddles — the reason we love working with this company so much. The company is run by Fiona and Mike, a husband and wife team who have spent most of their lives loving the outdoors and adventuring in it, and it shows in the love they put back into advocating for the outdoors. They know what makes a good canoe paddle and have a passion for making sure their clients find their perfect fit too.

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