Side-Trip Mini Contest Winners

Side-Trip Mini Contest Winners

Well, that was a fun little side trip, wasn’t it?! But now it is time for you to get back to your main PITPC adventure, be it for PADDLE POINTS or to seek those hidden paddles…. or both! So we will get right to it so you can get on with your PITPC adventure.

The solution to the hidden sentence for our Side-Trip Mini Contest was the bold words in the lines of the main text of the Paddle In The Park Contest ad in the Early Summer Edition of Canoeroots magazine.

Full Text: Find yourself a paddle. Find yourself some rewards. Find yourself in nature.

Hidden Sentence: Find yourself some rewards in nature.

Thanks to everyone who tried and congrats to those who solved the PITPC riddle. For those who missed it, we will be publishing the Paddle Clue #1 shortly. Or you can look for it in the pages of the current Summer/Fall issue of Canoeroots magazine. And so now, without further ado, the randomly chosen winners for the PITPC Side-Trip Mini Contest are:

 Official PITPC T-Shirt/Decal Set Winner:

Jody Cull

“Winners Choice” PITPC Decal Winners:

Cory Seaman, Colleen Quinlan, Michelle Brunette, and Tom Forbes

Winners have all been contacted by email.

So if you see your name here, be sure to check your inbox for instructions. 

Side-Trip Mini Contest Prizes:




Thanks again for taking this little Side-Trip with us and for for being part of the PITPC, everyone!

Watch for new clues coming soon and keep getting “Out There”!


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