Seeking Photos for a Wild Northerner Ad

Seeking Photos for a Wild Northerner Ad

We need your help!

The latest edition of the Wild Northerner Magazine is coming soon (I know! Exciting!) and we here at the PITPC have been trying to get some photos together for a little ad that will be included. (Thanks, WNM, by the way!) Except, well… here’s the problem:

We wanted to include some photos from all the Paddle Point Submissions that everyone has entered this year, and we wanted to choose some really great ones. But there’s just so many great photos, so many great visual memories “Out There” that you have all shared with us, that we really, honestly can’t decide.

So, yeah. Help!

Here’s how you can help: Check out our Paddle Point Submissions page and choose a photo. Maybe it’s your favourite, maybe it speaks to you somehow, maybe you think it best represents the spirit of the Paddle In The Park Contest… or maybe it’s got your smiling face in it and you think it’s about time you were featured in an ad. (We agree!)

Did you pick one? Nice.

Now, either hop on over to our Facebook page and post the photo or a link to that submission,  or get on Twitter and tell us we need to include that photo by adding “#RewardThisPhoto @PaddleInThePark” (that way, we can find it).

We’ll be watching for your photos over the next couple of days – so you have until this Sunday to suggest your favourites (and we can’t wait to see what you all choose to best represent the spirit of the PITPC!).

Thanks so much!



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