[8] Sleep Better, Feel Better

[8] Sleep Better, Feel Better

REWARD & REASON [#8] Sleep Better, Feel Better

Spending quality amounts of time in a natural setting can also help increase your quality of sleep. Studies show that being exposed to natural sunlight helps set the body’s internal clock; which helps to tell us when to sleep and eat, and helps to normalize hormonal functions that occur at specific times thru out the day.

But what’s more, studies have shown it only takes two hours of forest walking to improve the following sleep characteristics; actual sleep time, immobile minutes, self-rated depth of sleep, and sleep quality. In fact, Researchers say that tent camping for a week can actually reset the entire system (or biological clock) that governs our sleeping patterns. We don’t have to tell you how rewarding a good night sleep is – when we sleep better, we feel better. But did you know quality of sleep can even effect weight loss?! Yes, weight loss. So make sure you get “Out There” today so you can get a good sleep tonight. – SourceSource Source


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