[7] Build Independence & Relationships

[7] Build Independence & Relationships

REWARD & REASON [#7] Build Independence & Relationships

Besides your personal health, spending time in wilderness with your partner and young ones has social rewards too.”Family experiences in the outdoors—especially those that include a little challenge or require a little work—afford great opportunities to build children’s competence and encourage their autonomy, even as we emphasize the importance of interdependence within the family group.”

“Whether caring for a garden, paddling a canoe across a lake, or setting up a campsite, everyone has responsibilities and cooperation is key. Even the youngest child in the family can come to see that he or she has something to contribute to the common good. Not only is that crucial to the child’s developing sense of self, but it allows the adults in the family to see the child’s competencies, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities. this furthers the mutual trust and respect within the family—again, key ingredients for enduring close relationships.” –Source


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