[6] Feel The Mystery & Magic Of Our World

[6] Feel The Mystery & Magic Of Our World

REWARD & REASON [6] Feel The Mystery & Magic Of Our World

Breathing in the fresh forest air has long been thought to cure many ailments. In Japan, a historical belief exists in the health benefits of shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing”. But what exactly is in the magical forest atmosphere where so many creatures live and dwell? We know trees absorb carbon dioxide and in turn produce oxygen as well as help to clean pollutants from the air. But as for the other compounds, turns out we don’t actually know.  In California, researchers found 120 chemical compounds in the mountain forest air – but they could identify only 70 of them. It’s all still a mystery.

What ever it is, we are not the only creatures that depend on trees as a source of oxygen and life. Forests are home to countless animals, plants and other species. If you have ever come across a moose while on the water or in the quiet of the woods then you know, there is truly something magical in the experience of respectfully viewing a wild animal in it’s natural habitat. In fact, it can be quite exhilarating (especially if it’s a bear)!  – SourceSource

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