[4] Your Health & Life Depends On It

[4] Your Health & Life Depends On It

REWARD & REASON [#4] Your Health & Life Depends On It

Spending time engaging with nature can increase the quality of your health and life span. Pennsylvania researchers found that patients in rooms with tree views had shorter hospitalizations, less need for pain medications, and fewer negative comments in the nurses’ notes, compared to patients with views of just a brick wall or no view, etc.

Studies have also found that spending time outside in natural settings brings about a 50% lower risk of diabetes, a 50% lower risk of heart attack and even a 30% lower risk of colon cancer. And in a study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, researchers found that people experienced more deaths from heart disease and respiratory disease when they lived in areas where trees had disappeared. So, really, not spending time in nature everyday could end up being the death of you. – SourceSource


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