[3] Nature Is Medicine

[3] Nature Is Medicine

REWARD & REASON [#3] Nature Is Medicine

Along with reports of helping symptoms of anxiety and depression, it has been found those who live in the areas with the most amount of green space have lower levels of cortisol (known as the stress-hormone), and their self-reported feeling of stress were lower than those who spent more time in urban settings. – Source It has has also been found that children’s ADHD symptoms are greatly reduced when in the presence of nature (with findings consistent across age, gender, income groups, communities and geographical locations). –Source

So what’s the recommended dosage? Well, just two minutes of exposure to nature can help to relieve some of the physical symptoms of stress and after 2 hours our memory and attention span increases by 20%. Yet, after 2 consecutive days (or more) of spending time in a forest or green setting, our levels of cancer fighting white blood cells increase by 50%. Looks like spending time engaging with nature everyday is the the perfect dose! – Source


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