[+1] There Are Rewards To Getting “Out There”

[+1] There Are Rewards To Getting “Out There”

REWARD & REASON [+1] There Are Rewards To Getting “Out There”

Out of all the benefits and rewards of spending time in a wilderness park this summer, there is another unexpected reward “Out There” waiting for few lucky paddlers on an undisclosed tree along a portage trail.  That’s right! As part of the Paddle In The Park Contest, there are 4 handcrafted Badger® canoe paddles hidden somewhere in the interior/backcountry areas of some of the most popular canoe routes in Ontario; The Nova Craft Paddle; The Happy Camper Paddle; The Portageur.ca Paddle; The Killarney Outfitters Paddle and a special Algonquin Outfitters PORTAGE QUEEN paddle. If you find one of these paddles, you get to keep it!

But that’s not all – when you find a hidden paddle and tell us where and how you found it –  we will send you more great gear and prizes from our friends and sponsors! Plus, all paddle seekers and paddle finders are invited to take part in our special PADDLE POINTS event this summer, for a chance to win a Prospector from Nova Craft Canoe and other great gear & prize packs from our sponsors!

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