Portageur.ca Paddle FOUND & CLAIMED

Sarah Maki and her family shown after finding and officially claiming the 2019 portageur.ca paddle - at a campsite in Massasauga Provincial Park

Portageur.ca Paddle FOUND & CLAIMED

It’s true! The first hidden paddle of 2019 has already been found and claimed! Sarah Maki and her family, became a big part of Paddle in the Park history when they met our challenge, this past long weekend, to become the first paddle-seekers to ever find a paddle-hider along with a hidden paddle! That’s quite the PITPC record! Congregations and paddles up to Sarah and her husband, Kyle – along with their little paddle-finders, Kiera and Tyler, too!

Besides the paddle, Sarah will now receive more gear and prizes as well as having 1 in 10 chance of winning a the #PathOfThePortageur Grand (Paddle-finder) Prize – a beautiful brand new Nova Craft Prospector 16! Watch Sarah and her crew find the hidden portageur.ca paddle via our live video recording from Massasauga Provincial Park below.

Live with the first paddle finders of 2019! And the first to follow the #pathoftheportageur! #RewardsAreOutThere

Posted by Paddle In The Park Contest on Monday, July 1, 2019

A note from Sarah:

We are just sending this email to let you know who we are, and that we found a paddle- the first one of 2019 😊😊. We are Kyle and Sarah Maki, our kids are Kiera and Tyler. They did an awesome job finding the paddle: first they tried to nab Preston’s own paddle from his canoe, and then they peeped in his tent and tried to get in there too 😁… but they finally spotted the right one in the trees.

We found Preston at site 322 at The Massassauga Provincial park.Β Thanks so much, the kids have been talking about doing paddle in the park for over a month, and we are so stoked that we actually found one!

Looking forward to the canoe draw in the Fall; even if we don’t win, this has already been an exciting summer! Not only did we win the prize, the kids got to go on their first overnight canoe trip, and we have a few more trips planned for the summer. Thanks so much for contributing to the epic-ness of 2019! ~ Sarah Maki via email.


We really couldn’t have asked for a better start to this year’s Paddle in the Park Contest! Thank you Sarah and crew, for making the trip “Out There” to find Preston and his paddle with your little ones, and for making the launch of our 2019 campaign so much fun! It really was epic!

See what Sarah won:

Portageur.ca Paddle



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