#PathOfThePortageur Nova Craft Canoe Grand Prize Winner

Nova Craft Prospector Canoe in TuffStuff™ with Ash Trim - #PathOfThePortageur Grand Prize

#PathOfThePortageur Nova Craft Canoe Grand Prize Winner

We know you 2019 paddle-finders have been waiting a long time for this, although some have been waiting a little longer than others. It’s hard to believe that we started this journey, with Preston, back in July. Yet here we are. And we finally have our first ever #PathOfThePortageur Nova Craft Canoe Grand Paddle Finder Prize Winner!

But first we would just like to thank the really good people at Nova Craft Canoe and London’s Paddle Shop for their very special and generous canoe prize. Without them this contest would not be what it is today. So we truly thank them for believing in the Paddle in the Park campaign!

And the winner is…. !!!

So without further ado, the winner of the #PathOfThePortageur Nova Craft Canoe Grand Paddle Finder Prize is…. Corrie Heintzman! Yay for Corrie!

If you remember, Corrie and her family were surprised by Preston (our Portageur) mid-paddle on their way out from their Canada Day weekend camping trip in Massassauga Provincial Park. You can watch the “live” video below. Little did they know that their little family canoe vacation would turn into such a memorable and rewarding adventure!

So a big paddles up and congratulations to Corrie! No doubt, her husband will be a lot less suspicious the next time he sees Preston! 😉

#PathOfThePortgeur Grand Paddle Finder Prize Winner NOVA CRAFT CANOE Corrie Heintzman

Better check your email inbox, Corrie! Because you will now be able to build your very own custom Nova Craft canoe – with some limitations, of course. 🙂 – and we can’t wait to see what you choose!


#SheFoundThePaddle #SheKeptThePaddle #SheWonTheCanoe

Live with Nova Craft Canoe at London's Paddle Shop

VIDEO CLUE: Did you catch the new info on how to find the Nova Craft Canoe Paddle? Some fun things coming up in the Paddle In The Park Contest. Live with Nova Craft Canoe at London's Paddle Shop#RewardsAreOutThere #PathOfThePortageur #ThereMightBeACostume

Posted by Paddle In The Park Contest on Friday, September 6, 2019

We hope to be able to report back here on her very special Nova Craft canoe build, so stay tuned everyone. Otherwise, see all that Corrie has won below!

The #PathOfThePortageur Grand Paddle Finder Prize….

Nova Craft Prospector Canoe in TuffStuff™ with Ash Trim - #PathOfThePortageur Grand Prize

#PathOfThePortageur Grand Paddle Finder Prize - Nova Craft Canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 16  – TuffStuff™ with Ash Trim Retail Value $2999.95

Surprise Adventure Along The #PathOfThePortageur…

Corrie was the finder of the Canadian Canoe Museum Paddle. Read her story and watch the video of the actual moment that Corrie claimed her Badger paddle directly from the stern of her canoe!

Live from Massasauga Provincial Park, surprising our latest paddle winners!!! Preston caught up to them on his way out and even made a new dog friend. #RewardsAreOutThere #pathoftheportageur #sometimesrewardsfindyou

Posted by Paddle In The Park Contest on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Canadian Canoe Museum Prize Pack:

60" Badger Woodland canoe paddle, oiled, with a Badger Paddle Sock, custom laser engraving, and wooden collector's tag $269.00
Algonquin Outfitters Gift Card $100.00
Set of 4 Unlostify Maps $80.00
One Family Pass to The Canadian Canoe Museum $30.00
The Canadian Canoe Museum Prize Package Total Value $479.00

The End Of The Path…

And with that, the #PathOfThePortageur paddle-finding portion of the contest has come to a close. We should be able to start shipping out all the paddle-finder prizes starting next week – so watch your mailboxes like you all watched for those paddle clues!

Thanks to all who attempted to find a paddle and congrats to all who succeeded with an official paddle claim. Also thanks to all who who followed along. We hope you had as much fun as we did. (Can you believe we actually got Preston to put on a Badger costume and wiggle his tail?! 😀 )

Plus one last thank you to Nova Craft Canoe and paddles up to London’s Paddle Shop too. We’re forever grateful for your support and contributions to the Paddle in the Park campaign. Be sure to give them a “Like” or “follow” on social media!

For those who are wondering, the #PaddlePoints winner announcements will begin tomorrow evening, starting with the Explorer! Otherwise, that’s it for the Paddle-finding portion of the contest. Except for one last thing, of course – keep getting “Out There” everyone! 😉

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