Sap removal trick

Sap removal trick

I hate getting sap on my hands, worse, is that it always comes as a surprise after grabbing something you didn’t expect to be sticky. Soap never seems to work. I trick I learned sounds like it comes from a 5 year old: Rub dirt on it. Seriously, it works. The more fine the dirt, the better, it dries out the sap and drops off naturally after a while.

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  • JuliaB
    Posted at 00:57h, 26 October

    Hand sanitizer is your friend.
    Yup. The high alcohol content breaks down the sticky mess of sap. It will take sap off of clothes and gear as well. I’ve used this many times (I teach Outdoor Ed).

    It also works to break down the oily sap of Poison Ivy. Slather the hand sanitizer on thickly and then wipe the whole mess off with paper towels or kleenex (note- don’t be tempted to burn those paper towels as the Urushiol oil will vaporize and be inhaled – you do NOT want PI lesions in your throat and lungs!). Yes, we’ve tested this many times, it really does work. They key is quick and thick.

    Hand sanitizer also works as a fantastic fire starter (learned this from Kevin Callan on a QE Wildlands hike).

    Oh, and hand sanitizer is also a good thing to have on hand when visiting the ThunderBox! But, you already knew this … I hope. 😉

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