Paddle In The Park Contest Spooky Finale!

PITPC Finale passphrase lock

Paddle In The Park Contest Spooky Finale!

This paddle information is just too important for rhymes.
Peruse the instructions below, and take note of the times!

As we have been hinting all week, for the last chance to find a Badger this year, we have a fun, spooky, new challenge for you, so read very carefully:

You’ll have to find Preston tomorrow, during Algonquin’s Haunted Halloween Weekend. In particular, during the trick or treating event, sometime after 5:30 p.m. ET. If you find him, you’ll need a passphrase to collect your paddle.

And just when you think that’s too easy, you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to find out that passphrase, so make sure to watch our Facebook page! For close ties, we’ll have to figure out a tie breaker so bring your flags, trivia knowledge, cool costumes, maybe something from one of our cool sponsors or just your best candy bribe!

(JK – Don’t feed Preston, he’s trying to lose some weight and he’ll become a nuisance.)

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