Nova Craft Paddle Found – But Still Unclaimed

Nova Craft Paddle Found – But Still Unclaimed

A hidden paddle going unclaimed doesn’t happen too often; it might even be the first time in the 4 years of the Paddle In The Park Contest – so far. After several reports by many would-be paddle finders, and now that the last long weekend of summer is over, we can now confirm that the Nova Craft Paddle has been found by … someone. We just don’t know who that lucky new Badger Paddle owner is just yet. Below you will find information on what to do if you found this paddle (spoiler: More Prizes!), information on whether or not you were in the right place looking for this paddle, plus a little info on what makes this paddle so special. Read on to find out!


NovaCraftHide (4)

Did you spot this paddle tied to this tree? We should talk.


We’re hoping that someone will come out of the woodwork (so to speak) soon and let us know they found the Nova Craft Canoe Paddle. After all, there’s still some prizes to be claimed for finding what has turned out to be a well-travelled paddle with quite the story behind it. Remember, if you found that paddle, you’ve won. It’s yours – #FindThePaddle #KeepThePaddle after all. We’d like to hear about how you found it, and have a prize package waiting for you (see all the cool rewards here). If you’d like to stay anonymous, no problem, you sill won. We’d just like to know about it. And you can still have your prize package. We’ll even give you a cool pseudonym when we share your story, like “Baron Awesome McPaddlefinder” if you like. Maybe you can think of a better one. It’s all the same to us. We’re just glad you got “Out There” to find the paddle, and glad so many others did as well, to a new-to-you place, trying to find this paddle.  But then again, you may want bragging rights. This particular paddle has quite a story, and you beat quite a few people in finding it. Just send us a note to by the Paddle In The Park Contest closing date for paddling finding – September 15th – and let’s chat.


NovaCraftHide (8)

Named “Kate Moss”, this wooden beauty stood guard over the Nova Craft Paddle, while Kevin and Fiona had a little fun at Preston’s expense, calling her his girlfriend. (He’s kind of gotten into that. See just how far he’s gone here.)


Every year we try to advocate for more people to spend more time in nature – cleverly disguised as a paddle finding contest – and every year we try something a little different. This year one of our paddles was hidden by not one, but two of our paddle hiders – Kevin Callan and Preston Ciere. Actually, there were five famous paddle hiders if you include Kevin’s daughter Kyla along with famous canoe dogs Angel and Nancy. Well, come to think of it, there were seven famous paddle hiders (in total) that were involved with this hidden paddle’s story, as Hap and Andrea Wilson played a part too.


NovaCraftHide (1)

Kyla, pumped to hide the Nova Craft Paddle while Dad unloads the canoe. We’re not sure what Nancy’s doing.


How did that happen? Well there’s a fun story about that, which we’ll be unveiling over the next month or so in a series of videos looking at the behind the scenes … err “Tent Screen” of the inner workings of the Paddle In The Park Contest. It will star Fiona, Mike, Kevin, Hap and Andrea, Preston, Nancy… and the Nova Craft paddle. You can watch a little teaser here. What would make for a great ending of course, is knowing what happened to this paddle. Maybe you can help? Maybe you know someone who mentioned finding a paddle on their way to Noganosh? We’d like to hear from you.


NovaCraftHide (9)

Kyla, Angel and Kevin, fishing the waters of Noganosh Lake Provincial Park – after hiding the Nova Craft Paddle.


Oh right! The location. Were you out there looking? Were you sure you knew where it was, maybe you go to the right spot but the paddle was already gone? We suppose it’s safe to tell you now. Kevin and Preston hid this paddle on their trip to Noganosh Lake Provincial Park. They spent a few days there enjoying the scenery, stopping on the third portage south of the Pickerel River entering Smoky Lake. They had a lot of fun. Imagine being a deer-fly on the tent wall for some of those adventures! You can see some footage from one of their trips on The Happy Camper’s YouTube page, for example, here and here.


NovaCraftHide (5)

Beautiful Noganosh Lake Provincial Park.



They chose Noganosh because it’s a great, beautiful little spot away from the usual canoe camping locations, hopefully giving would-be paddle finders a brand new location to visit. And from what we’ve heard so far from those contacting us this away-from-the-popular canoe route has been a fantastic place to visit. So in a way, just like all our paddles, if it got people out there, then it was all worth it. If you passed by the picture of Ms. Kate Moss above, you just needed to turn around and look across the small path. If you were there but didn’t see the paddle, you were probably too late. Sorry. We’re pretty sure you had a great time getting “Out There” and looking. 😉


NovaCraftHide (3)

Kyla catching frogs while Nancy chases squirrels. They both like the portages for different reasons.


So what if no one claims the paddle by September 15th? Well don’t worry, we’re still going to hand out those prizes – and we’ll figure out a fun and appropriate way to do so. Hopefully it won’t come to that though. We’d rather know where this paddle wound up after all the adventures it has gone through. (Like we said, it was quite an ordeal and you’ll find out more soon. 🙂 )


Hap and Andrea - Nova Craft Paddle Tag Selfie

Hap and Andrea – 2016 Paddle-hiding #Selfie


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