Nova Craft Canoe Paddle Found!

Nova Craft Canoe Paddle Found!

The second paddle found in this year’s Paddle in the Park Contest has been discovered in the Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park!


For the 2014 Paddle in the Park Contest, we wanted to expand the geographic area and number of parks in which to hide paddles. Thanks to paddle-hider Conor Mihell‘s travels to Lake Superior Provincial park, we were able to get much further north this year. But wanting to get more parks involved, we decided to hide one in the Kawartha Highlands. This is where Andrew Clements happened upon our second found paddle of the year.

From Andrew:

“I found this paddle at the end of the 216m portage out of Rathbun lake to Copper Lake in Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park. I was aware of the contest but honestly not looking for any paddles. As you can tell by the pictures I was extremely excited to find the lucky paddle.”


Paddle finder Preston Ciere of thought he had really cleverly hidden this paddle. He thought it would be out of sight to those travelling further into the park, but with just a peak of it being seen to those coming back out. He pictured someone coming up to the portage at the end of their trip and maybe seeing the tag sticking out of the woods, which on investigation would produce a great reward. But he also pictured that happening after a long while being hidden. It was not to be as Andrew spotted it right away, probably just hours from when it was hidden.

This was Andrew’s first back-country trip since being a member of Scouts Canada. As you can tell from the smile on Andrew’s face, this rewarding experience is probably not going to be his last. Andrew has won himself not only a 54″ BADGER® “Classic Tripper”, and a few more prizes (see below), but because he found the Nova Craft Canoe Paddle, there’s a bit more.


Because of our fancy-schmancy super-bonus prize draw for a Nova Craft Canoe (on September 15th), we’ve added 10 bonus entries to this draw for each paddle prize package. Special for the Nova Craft canoe, Andrew has received 20! But you too can get in on some of that bonus entry goodness because we’ve added 10 bonus entries to the prize package we’ll draw now that Andrew’s found this paddle. So make sure you get your name in the draw (you can do so once per day)!

So this means we are drawing a winner for the Nova Craft Canoe Paddle at 12:00PM on Friday July 25th! We’ll announce the winner shortly after we’ve been contacted by them.

Good luck everyone!!!

Here is what Andrew has won, and below what is up for grabs on Friday:

[prize_package_details id=”7″]


[prize_package_details id=”15″]

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