New Paddles and Other Important News For The Trail

New Paddles and Other Important News For The Trail

Celebrating History One Paddle At A Time

This season, for our 5th year anniversary of the Paddle In The Park Contest, which also happened to coincide with Canada’s sesquicentennial, we decided to make it a celebration of history with a focus on the past contest events and the voyageurs who crossed Ontario and Canada by way of canoe.

So we hid five Badger canoe paddles, one for each year of the PITPC’s existence and created a list of modern camping and canoeing tasks, some with at historical twist, for our #PaddlePoints challenge.

Two of those hidden paddles, the KO Paddle and the AO PORTAGE QUEEN Paddle, have now been found and claimed with three more still “Out There”; the Nova Craft/London’s Paddle Shop paddle, the Outdoor Equipment Paddle, and the Happy Camper/Canadian Canoe Museum Paddle.

But wait! There’s more!

Sometime after the contest started we decided to take our 5 year anniversary celebration a little bit further, and with the details finalized just weeks ago, we have now added two more hidden canoe paddles to the list – bringing us to a total of seven paddles!

Why seven instead of five paddles? Because this year’s theme is a celebration of our wilderness and history, and what better way to honour the beauty of nature’s landscapes than by honouring two members of the Group of Seven.

Thus we have hidden another paddle “Out There” already, this one being the AY Jackson Paddle from Killarney Outfitters: a custom cherry Sliver with a one-sided grip. We have second paddle to go out as well…. any guesses as to whom the last paddle may pay homage? Also, in case you are wondering, we will be extending the #FindThePaddle #KeepThePaddle portion of the contest to the end of September. More details and clues to come, but in the meantime, see all the clues for the remaining paddles and keep getting “Out There”!

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