My Ontario Journey – by Jerry Vandiver

My Ontario Journey – by Jerry Vandiver

Jerry Vandiver

When singer-songwriter Jerry Vandiver first heard of the Paddle In The Park Contest, he did not hesitate to express his support for the concept. Jerry definitely believes there are rewards “Out There”. In fact, Jerry is so passionate about paddling and spending time in the wilderness, he regularly incorporates his wilderness inspirations into his songs and music. Not only has Jerry provided autographed copies of his CD’s “Paddle Songs” and “I wrote this one for you” for selected winners in the Paddle In The Park Contest, but he has also graciously provided us with his NEW SONG titled My Ontario Journey.

Scroll down to take a listen (just blow the lyrics Jerry provided for our extra enjoyment) or click here: My Ontario Journey – Jerry Vandiver. Note: We dig Jerry’s new song about paddling in Ontario so much that we have now adopted it as the unofficial anthem for the Paddle In The Park Contest! Jerry did not write the song for the contest specifically, but as Jerry tells it….

“….the song, “My Ontario Journey” is not on the “I Wrote This One For You” CD as I wrote ‘Journey’ only a couple of months ago (after the CD release). That’s what makes it even more timely and serendipitous to this contest.” ~ Jerry Vandiver

Really, whether it is by providence or a happy coincidence, we cannot think of a more perfect song to celebrates this contest and the fact that “The Rewards Are Out There”. Especially due to the fact there are a few extra rewards hidden in Ontario’s wilderness this summer!

Thanks to Jerry Vandiver for his generosity and for making such amazing and authentic music about paddling. In fact, Jerry digs paddling and wilderness canoeing so much, he even wrote and recorded a song about paddling with our four pawed companions. Titled “Me And Molly”, this tribute song to canoeing with dogs can be found on Jerry’s new “I Wrote This One For You” CD. And if you are looking for more he has also written and recorded a complete CD of songs about paddling titled “Paddle Songs”. Clearly Jerry gets “Out There” a lot. You can follow Jerry Vandiver on Facebook or visit his websites to learn more about Jerry and his music:      Jerry Vandiver on Facebook

My Ontario Journey

It’s a long ride down a rough road to the drop off where we unload

But the end of the trail is where it all begins

When my paddle takes its first dip, it’s so easy to just forget

That other world I was so invested in

‘Fore my Qntario journey



From the sunrise to the sunset

Oh in my eyes it’s a sure bet

A new adventure awaits around every bend I’m turning

And I don’t care where I’m goin’

Just that I’m there in the moment

Taking in every ember that’s burning

On my Ontario journey


Every sun ray, every raindrop, every footstep every stray thought

Reminds me I am right where I should be

And when I look up at the starlight, I may feel small but it’s all right

I see a grand design shining down on me

And my Ontario journey





And when my travels end

I’ll smile and know, I’ll be back, I’ll be back, I’ll be back again




And every beat of my heart is still out there yearning

For my Ontario journey

My Ontario journey


Words and Music by Jerry Vandiver

©2013 North Fork Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved



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