Meet Hailey

Meet Hailey

As some of you know, for some much needed help with this year’s PITPC 5th anniversary celebrations, we brought on board a few outdoor enthusiasts to assist us with the logistics of this special anniversary event. Like our paddle-hiders, we have rallied some pretty incredible people for this task and we would like you to meet them all, including our new, young, and very outdoorsy friend Hailey Sonntag.

Hailey was lovingly raised by her Camping Family to be a passionate outdoors woman. As a past PITPC Paddle Points entrant and winner, outdoor blogger, as well as long time supporter of and Badger Paddles, you may have come across her beautiful smile before… perhaps even on the trail as she gets “Out There” a lot!

Hailey is studying Broadcasting – Television and Communications Media at college, and is excited to put her new skills and natural talents to good use here at the PITPC. She will be helping with various behind the scenes tasks as well as a few in the forefront, like our #BehindTheTentScreens video feature as well as posting photos on Facebook and Twitter.

So paddles up, welcome and a big PITPC thanks to Hailey. You can read Hailey’s intro and find more links to her creative works and outdoor pursuits below . We know her unwavering love for spending time in nature will be sure to inspire you to get “Out There” more!

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Hailey Sonntag On The TrailHailey Sonntag, Official Videographer & Intern at the PITPC

Hi! I’m Hailey, and I have been participating in the Paddle in the Park Contest with my family since it started back in 2013 and our family has even found a paddle!

I am 18 years old and have been getting outside and enjoying the outdoors since I was 2 months old when my parents decided to take me winter camping. I run my own blog called Wild Canoes where I post all of my pictures and videos from our trips throughout the year to share with others and as a personal trip log for my boyfriend and I. Since I was about 8 I have taken great interest in video, film and photography. With that I started filming our various trips, from taking cool shots of my winter tent to walking up on some bears in the middle of a long portage!

Being such a fan of the PITPC makes this opportunity so much more exciting and I’m super happy to be helping out! Don’t forget, the rewards are out there!


Find Hailey and Wild Canoes online:
Wild Canoes on Facebook:
Wild Canoes on Youtube:

Hailey's Winter Tent

Hailey Canoe Selfie

Hailey's Crew

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  • All4adventure
    Posted at 18:21h, 30 June

    This is super exciting! Great addition to the PITPC crew 🙂