Killarney Outfitters Paddle – Found and Claimed!

Killarney Outfitters Paddle – Found and Claimed!

BRIAN SNELL KO paddle finder!

The Killarney Outfitters paddle has officially been found and claimed (on the portage to Partridge Lake in Killarney PP) by Brian Snell and family! Congrats and a big paddles up to Brian, his son Oliver, and their “intrepid canoeist”, Daisy! We know that many of you were stumped by the location of this hidden paddle as it was on a dead-end route to Sandy Lake (a route that also happens to be the long way to get there). The paddle was hidden on the short 25 m portage to Partridge. Brian messaged us August 23rd to let us know he had found the KO paddle hidden by Preston. Unfortunately though, we had some problems with our internet and are just getting to posting this now. So for those of you who are excited to read a bit more about Brian’s find, he tells us his story below: 

I came across the Killarney paddle last week with my son Oliver Snell and our intrepid canoeist, Daisy. It’s beautifully made, and both of us enjoyed using it and were impressed by the efficiency of its design.
My adult son and I were on a 4-day trip to Killarney.  I have been going to that park for 40 years, but this was the first time for Oliver.  We set up camp on Norway Lake, and did day hikes to Bunnyrabbit Lake and Little Superior.  As Oliver said at one point, “Wow, the cliffs keep coming!”
Of the three sites available on Norway Lake, we got the least desirable (albeit a spot with a good kitchen area and a great view).  Little did we know it was the closest to the hidden paddle!  We stopped off at the short portage into Whiskeyjack to forage for some firewood.
About 50 feet from the portage, I came upon the wooden plaque declaring me a winner, and sure enough there was a very beautiful cherrywood paddle tied to a tree.  We both tried and liked its unique “Sliver” design, which seemed just as efficient as a traditional paddle but with more manoeuvrability.
Thanks to Brian for sharing his story. Seeing Brian has been visiting Killarney for 4o years – he obviously knows about all of the “rewards” out there (and now has the paddle to prove it!).
See the gear and prizes that Brian won below:

The Killarney Outfitters Paddle:

This well hidden, varnished cherry Killarney Outfitters “Sliver” Canoe Paddle, with custom laser engraving, comes with a Badger Paddle Sock and a wood PITPC collector’s tag.

Killarney Outfitters Paddle

Badger Paddle Sock and PITPC Wood Tag

Total MSRP $234.00 CAD from Badger Paddles

The Killarney Outfitters Prize Pack:

Once you lay official claim to the paddle, you will also win the following gear and prizes from our generous sponsors:

Johnny's Boat Shop Mesh Baseball Cap

JOHNNY’S BOAT SHOP Mesh Baseball Caps: MSRP $20.00 from Johnny’s Boat Shop

KOP Keynoe

Keynoe Keychain: MSRP $5.99 from Kingdom Outdoor Products  $5.99

AO Spork

Spork: MSRP $2.98 from Algonquin Outfitters

AO E-vent Drysack

Sea to Summit eVac Dry Sack 5 L $20.98 from Algonquin Outfitters

Canoeroots Magazine Subscription

CANOEROOTS Magazine Subscription: MSRP $20.00 from Canoeroots Magazine Decal decal: MSRP $8.00 from

Becky Mason's Classic Solo

Downloadable Classic Solo Canoeing Basic video: MSRP $6.49 from Becky Mason

CCM Invention of the Board Canoe Book

Invention of the Board Canoe book: MSRP $7.14 from the Canadian Canoe Museum


NOTE: Prize from Killarney Outfitters still to come!


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  • JuliaB
    Posted at 02:17h, 09 September

    I LOVE this story! I think the treasure was the father-son adventure and a gorgeous new paddle, found without expectation, was just like a bonus cherry on top of the sundae. Thanks for sharing!