Found Paddle #3 – Algonquin

Found Paddle #3 – Algonquin

It is true, that when we started this contest, we had hopes that people would really be inspired to to get “Out There”. When Doug and Tim shared their story with us about finding paddle #5 in Killarney, we were all touched on a personal level. But as it turns out, Doug and Tim are not the only ones who took a trip into the Ontario backwoods JUST to take a chance at finding a Badger® paddle. In fact, many of you did just that! And while some of you came away from your trip without finding a paddle, there were a few lucky paddlers who located what they were looking for. One of these lucky paddlers was Chris H. from Sudbury, Ontario.

As Chris tells it:

I have been following the Paddle in the Park contest for a while now and decided it was time to get out there and try to find one of the paddles. I targeted the last remaining paddle in Algonquin, thinking that I had enough clues to go on.

On Wednesday I was up at 3am to make the 4 hour drive from Sudbury to the Lake Opeongo access point. With everything going smoothly I was on the lake before 8am, starting the journey across the big water towards the Wright Lake portage. With very little wind I was able to reach the portage before 11, starting my first hunt.


Algonquin Loons by Chris H.

Chris was in good company during his Paddle In the Park trip when he came across a number of loons (there were between 15 and 20 fishing in a large group).

Having searched this portage with no luck, I carried my kayak across to Wright Lake and paddled towards the next portage. After a quick paddle I beached the kayak again to begin my next trek towards Bonfield Lake.

This time, almost immediately I noticed the telltale rope around a tree just off of the trail. With a feeling of anticipation I peeked around the tree and was very excited to see paddle #3 hanging there. I took a few quick pictures, ate lunch overlooking the lake and began my long (windy) paddle back to the access point.

I’m very happy to report that I have found Paddle #3 on the portage between Wright Lake and Bonfield Lake in Algonquin Park. ~Chris H., Finder of Paddle #3

By 3pm I was back on solid ground and loading up the car to head home. This was a great first paddle of the season and provided a good excuse to get out and explore a new area.

I had so much fun going out to find this paddle that I was wondering if it would be frowned upon to go out and try to find another paddle?


Chris H. with Paddle #3


So a big hearty congratulations to Chris for finding Paddle #3, and for exploring a new shorelines! Oh, and for the record, Chris, you and everyone else too, are all welcome to look for – and find – as many Paddle In The Park Contest paddles as you wish…. Just as long as you keep getting “Out There”!

Besides a beautiful cherry Badger® canoe paddle, Chris will also be receiving a one year subscription to Canoeroots Magazine, as well as other great prizes from, Hooligan Gear, Algonquin Outfitters, Kingdom Outdoors/Keyak and more! See everything that Chris won here: Paddle #3

Want to win some prizes along with Chris?! Enter our home version of the Paddle In The Park Contest here: Enter Draw

There is still one paddle that has yet to be found. Paddle #1 was hidden by Hap Wilson somewhere in Temagami….. So, really, what are you waiting for? The rewards are “Out There”!

Kevin's Paddle Message

Kevin’s Paddle Message

  • Doug Gordon
    Posted at 04:39h, 30 August

    Great work Chris! Congratulations!

  • Doug Gordon
    Posted at 04:39h, 30 August

    Great work Chris! Congratulations!