Did you know that it only takes ONE PHOTO to be entered for our GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE consisting of a brand new Prospector from Nova Craft Canoe and a made to order custom Badger paddle too?! It’s true! And really easy to do!


Step 1.) Take a photo of your favourite place to paddle (any lake, river, or other body of water where you would like to paddle your new Nova Craft Canoe should you win!).

Step 2.) Create an account on the Paddle In The Park Contest website by clicking on the link or using the form below, with your email address and username, and then wait for the official “Registration Confirmation” email to come from the Paddle In The Park Contest inviting you to set your site password. (It could take several minutes for the system to process and email the invitation to you. Make sure you check your spam folder!) Once that’s done, click on the link supplied in the email and create your password.

Step 3.) Next, go to the Submit Your Photo official entry form and enter your name and email address (if you are not already signed in from when you created your password). You should automatically see “BRIGHTEN YOUR GREY MATTER” as the selected Reward Category as well as “Express Yourself!” in the menus for the Paddle Point Reward section. If not, select them using the drop down menus provided. Upload your photo, add a photo title, and an (optional) description.*

Step 4.) Type the word “moose” in our little Prove-You-Are-A-Human checker box thingie, click that you accept the Terms and Conditions and then…

Step 5.) Hit the “submit button” and you’re done! (Unless you want to submit some more of your outdoorsy photos for a chance to win even more gear and prizes too!) Remember, you have until October 30th to get your photo(s) in for a chance to win some pretty amazing prize packages. So go on and get “Out There”!


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*Technically you could go through our entire PADDLE POINTS TASK LIST and choose any one of the official tasks to be entered to win the Company Factor Grand Prize and/or Tenderfoot Prize Package, but we are using the first one on the list, the “Express Yourself” Task, to keep it simple and on point.

And once you see how easy it is, you just may be tempted to add more photos to increase your chance of winning the grand prize as well as other gear too. Because with each photo you upload being an entry towards winning the top prize, that means the more photos you enter, the better chance you have to win! If that happens, you may even want get into the whole Paddle Points Challenge for a chance at even more gear and prizes….  just for spending time in nature!

So many amazing rewards and prizes too!




COMPANY FACTOR Badge = 10 (or more!) Paddle Points (minimum one photo required)

The winner of the Company Factor – Grand Prize will be will be chosen by way of random selection, from all eligible Paddle Points contestants. Every (verified) Paddle Points photo uploaded will be considered as one entry towards the Grand Prize canoe! (Chances of winning depends on number of valid entries received during the contest period.)

And really, what better prize could there be for our Company Factor – Grand Prize winner, than a custom Badger canoe paddle and a brand new 16′ Fiberglass Prospector Canoe from Nova Craft?!

Company Factor – Nova Craft Canoe – 2017 Grand Prize:


16’ Fiberglass Prospector Canoe from Nova Craft Canoe: MSRP $1399.00 CAD

Paddle the true north and the near north with your brand new Prospector canoe from Nova Craft! Nova Craft Canoe is a Canadian owned and operated company, since 1970. And while the scope may have expanded since then, their core focus remains simple – build quality canoes that give paddlers special experiences in the great outdoors. It’s all about making a connection to nature and wild places, be it solo or with friends and family.

Plus don’t forget that you get to celebrate your win of a new Nova Craft canoe with a made-to-order custom Badger canoe paddle, PADDLING Magazine subscription, and an awesome decal too!

badger-paddle-laser-prize Decal

Company Factor – Nova Craft Canoe – Grand Prize Pack

 16’ Fiberglass Prospector Canoe from Nova Craft Canoe/London’s Paddle Shop  $1399.00
Badger Canoe Paddle – Cherry (oiled) with Badger Paddle Sock $139.00
Custom Personalization – Laser Engraving – Badger Paddles $75.00
Paddling Magazine  1 Year Print/Digital Subscription – Rapid Media $20.00 Decal – $8.00

Note: Canoe pick up location is London Paddle Shop/Nova Craft Canoe, located in London, ON Canada. Cost of canoe delivery, and any extra duties, fees, or taxes, is the sole responsibility of the Company Factor – Nova Craft Canoe – Grand Prize Winner. The winning contestant is also responsible for all arrangements regarding their canoe prize by making direct contact with Nova Craft Canoe.

Custom Badger Paddle, decal, and PADDLING Magazine subscription will be mailed.



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