Choose Your Own ATventure

Choose Your Own ATventure

As part of our special 5 Year Anniversary PITPC Celebrations, Andrew Turcotte* of ATventure Photography will be donating one of the following photos (framed and without watermarks) to this year’s prize lot. Which one, you ask? Well, that depends on you!

Vote for your favourite by tweeting or commenting with the title of your choice: Misty Canoe, Lakeside Paddles, or Algonquin Moose; and the photo with the most likes, comments, or votes will be chosen as one of the prizes for this year’ s PITPC! See below to choose…

Andrew Turcotte Misty Canoe Photo Prize Choice
Misty Canoe by ATventure

Andrew Turcotte Lakeside Paddles Photo Prize Choice

Lakeside Paddles by ATventure

AndrewTurcotte Algonquin Moose Photo Prize Choice

Algonquin Moose by ATventure

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Want to vote another way? Comment here, tweet to us on Twitter @PaddleInThePark or on Facebook and we’ll announce the results after you’ve had some time to pick your favourite photo by ATventure Photography to include as a prize for this year’s PITPC!

ANDREW TURCOTTE - NOVA CRAFT canoe paddle found and claimed!

*So does this guy look familiar or what?! Yes, that’s Andrew Turcotte, 2 time paddle finder (2014, 2015) and long time Badger-digging outdoor “ATventure-ist”. After his lovely partner was crowned the PITPC Portage Queen of 2016,  Andrew and her royal majesty Queen Gracie contacted us with the idea to add one of Andrew’s exquisite photos from his outdoor ATventure collection to this year’s prizes. So of course we said yes (I mean, really, you never say no to the Queen)! Actually, that seems to be a bit of a theme this year, as a few of our past contestants have now become symbolic shareholders in the Paddle In The Park Contest by investing their time and energy to help bring more awareness to all the rewards found in nature – the whole reason for the PITPC!

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