#6 Cherry Sliver

*Update: This paddle has been found. Check out the Map or Paddles pages to see which paddles are still “Out There”.

Be sure to check the portage trails this summer for this paddle, and come back often for more hints and clues as to its location. In the meantime, take a look at the paddle card you’ll be searching for, and check out the prizes up for grabs if you do find it. Of course, once the paddle is found we’ll draw this prize package  (each paddle has a unique one) so make sure you enter our draw.

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[prize_card deets = ’57”,Sliver,Cherry,Varnished,true,$150,Preston,2013-06-14,Paradise Lagoon,”Grey Owl & Me” – Signed by Hap Wilson,true’]

[paddle_prize_package ids=’6′]