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Paddle #2, hidden by Kevin Callan, has been found by paddler and portageur Mike Last and friends!

Found and Claimed: Paddle #2: Cub WaterColour – Green/Yellow


Congratulations Mike! Obviously Mike already knows there are many rewards to spending time in nature, but as he had heard about the contest before heading “Out There”, he tells us:

We’ve just returned from a long weekend tripping through Algonquin and are stoked to say we took home paddle #2 from the contest. One the third and final day of our route, while portaging from Rain Lake to Casey Lake, we found it just off to the side at the start of the portage. I’d heard about the contest from a friend a week before heading out on this trip, so I knew what it was right away. 

The Cub WaterColour is a kid-sized, hand-tinted green and yellow blended paddle made of poplar and given a marine-varnish finish for protection. Mike is a little too tall for this paddle but he assures us he already has plans for it. In fact, it sounds like the paddle is going to be used for guest signatures at his wedding! You gotta dig a couple who love to canoe together. We hope the paddle helps to bring Mike and his bride-to-be a lifetime of wonderful memories and be a regular reminder of how lucky they are in their union.

You can read more about Mike’s canoe trip into Algonquin where he found the paddle on his blog. As it turns out, finding the paddle was NOT the biggest or most rewarding experience that weekend. In fact, Mike was rewarded with the truly magical experience of respectfully viewing wildlife in their natural habitat when they came across a number of moose, even a cow and her calves feeding in an Algonquin swamp while they were “Out There”. Read their incredible story and see the stunning photos here on Mike’s Blog: www.mikelastphoto.com/blog/2013/07/the-moose-of-algonquin-canoe-trip-algonquin-park-on/

So congrats to Mike and his lovely lady! And to his dog too! But Mike not only gets to keep the paddle they found, he has lots of other prizes coming his way now as well….

Check out everything Mike wins below plus all the prizes that are now up for grabs via our home version of the Paddle In The Park Contest (which you can enter for here: ENTER PITPC DRAW):

[paddle_prize_package ids=’2′]

For more about the paddle that was found, or what draw prizes you have a chance of winning if you enter our draw (for the at home and long distances followers) that are to be given away now that this paddle has been found, see: Paddle #2 – Cub WaterColour

Congratulations once again to Mike and his lovely fiancé, we hope that finding the Badger® Paddle, and all the other great prizes coming your way, have added to the rewards of you getting “Out There”!

Written by Fiona
Mother, wife, friend, artist, paddler, and owner of Badger Paddles. As co-founder and title sponsor of the PITPC, I'm not eligible to win. But I still wanted to get "Out There" too, and help advocate to get lots of people to spend more time in nature. So I'm really only in it for the fun, and not for the prizes!