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All Official 2017 PITPC Paperwork: Printable Task List & 2017 images/Flags

Pick your favourite design from the 5 different images below (or you can choose all of them).

Then download, print, and start submitting those Task photos for PADDLE POINTS today! Print them big or really big, laminate them, make them into t-shirts or get the decals if you prefer… whatever you do, just get “Out There”!

Woman & Moose 2017 PITPC Paperwork

Woman, Dog & Moose 2017 PITPC Paperwork

Family 2017 PITPC Paperwork

Man & Moose 2017 PITPC Paperwork

Man, Dog & Moose 2017 PITPC Paperwork

PITPC Printable Master Task List

2017 PITPC Official Printable Task List

Now Get Started by Submitting Your Photos Here!

The more photos you enter, the more PADDLE POINTS you collect; the more paddle points you collect, the better your class ranking will be; the better your class ranking is, the better the prize packs are to win!

PITPC title classes include Tenderfoot, Explorer, Pathfinder, Voyageur, and the coveted 1st class titles of Wilderness Guide, Trip Leader, and finally Company Factor – where our grand prize winner will take home a brand new Prospector from Nova Craft Canoe and more! There is even a special North West Award for the most expeditious completion of the official Task List.

We have over $5000.00 of gear and prizes to give away – so start earning your PADDLE POINTS now!

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