Cabin Falls Paddle – Found And Claimed!

Cabin Falls Paddle – Found And Claimed!

As briefly mentioned on Facebook, the Cabin Falls EcoLodge paddle from Hap and Andrea Wilson was found and claimed by Tyler Bedard this past August long weekend! Way to go Tyler!

TYLER BEDARD CABIN FALLS paddle found and claimed!

This year, Hap and Andrea hid their paddle on the Dry Lake portage in Temagami, right at the small falls along the Dry Lake Creek… a very pretty spot… This is the second paddle find and claim for Tyler, having found the Cabin Falls EcoLodge Paddle last year as well. (Perhaps one of his advantages lies in the fact that he knows the colour of Hap and Andrea’s canoe?! Or maybe he just really digs ‪#Temagami‬ and spends a lot of time “Out There”. 😉 Either way, paddles up and a hearty PITPC congrats to Tyler!)

Here is how Tyler tells it:

Third Time’s a Charm

I started this quest on July 17th paddling 20km solo in the rain from Chance Lake to Katherine Lake. After a lonely night, some very wet and slippery portages and visiting Hap’s cabin in the morning, I decided to turn back and head home. Solo tripping just wasn’t for me.
Later that week, being on vacation, I returned to Lady Evelyn with my 16yr old daughter MacKenzie after hearing from an unnamed source that Hap had recently done the 2 miler from Lady Evelyn River to Diamond Lake. In hopes of finding the paddle there we boated from Mowat’s Landing 2 1/2 hrs southwest and spent 3 hrs on the portage searching every nook and cranny to no avail. However we had a great day and night and went home the next day to return to work.

Then my friend Andrew Turcotte and I were supposed to go paddle hunting in Algonquin Park this weekend. But after him showing me the clue posted for the Cabin Falls paddle at work I knew right away where it must be. I made a plan for Andrew, my son Tucker and I to leave after work. Andrew decided not to go however as he wanted to go paddle hunting with his girlfriend Gracie on Saturday and I couldn’t promise him how late we’d be back Friday night as it had been 20yrs since I took the route we were going to take.

Tyler and his newly found Cabin Falls EcoLodge Paddle

So after getting off work early my son and I made the 2hr drive north to Mowat’s Landing once again. We took the trailer ride around the dam and then boated with our 17ft Penobscot on the boat 2 1/2hrs through white caps to arrive at the island campsite before Frank’s Falls just before 10pm only to find out it was taken. After looking for another site in the dark with a flashlight we returned to the island, met our neighbours and made do with a small spot far enough away to not be bothersome.
After a short sleep we woke at 6am to start our trek to Dry Lake. After 3hrs of paddling and 6 portages we couldn’t find the portage into Dry Lake. Then we noticed some turquoise blue shavings on some rocks that we had seen earlier on some of the rapids and knew that had to be it as Hap’s canoe is the same colour and I’ve never seen another coloured the same. However we walked the trail and searched high and low to no avail. On our way back I just happened to glance down at the creek beside the trail, as a beautiful waterfall caught my attention, and then something else caught my eye. There it was! We had passed right by it on the way in but were too busy looking behind every rock and tree to notice.

Tyler and his son!
After taking some pictures with my camera phone, because in my rush I forgot to pack my digital camera, we headed back and stopped in at Hap’s cabin to say thanks. He was not there again so we wrote in the journal as we did last year and thanked him and Andrea.
By this time we could hear thunder and some dark clouds began to roll in. We almost made it back to camp but got hit by a small shower just as we finished the last portage at Frank’s Falls. We packed up our tent and belongings quickly only to try and outrun another storm headed our way. Once again we almost made it but got rained on as we reached the end of Lady Evelyn Lake.
What a great adventure again. Now it’s time to help my buddy Andrew find one for himself.

However I plan to return to Lady Evelyn in the fall to do a bit of fishing and hopefully finally get to visit with Hap and Andrea at their beautiful cabin.

Thanks again to everyone involved in this fun contest!

Check out the paddle and all the great prizes Tyler won below:

The Cabin Falls EcoLodge Paddle:

This well hidden, varnished tulipwood Cabin Falls EcoLodge Badger Canoe Paddle, with custom laser engraving, comes with a Badger Paddle Sock and a wood PITPC collector’s tag.

Cabin Falls EcoLodge Paddle from Badger

Badger Paddle Sock and PITPC Wood Tag

Total MSRP $190.00 CAD from Badger Paddles

The Cabin Falls EcoLodge Prize Pack: Decal decal: MSRP $8.00 from

Becky Mason's Classic Solo

Downloadable Classic Solo Canoeing Basic video: MSRP $6.49 from Becky Mason

CCM Invention of the Board Canoe Book

Invention of the Board Canoe – book: MSRP $7.14 from Canadian Canoe Museum

KOP Keynoe

Keynoe keychain: MSRP $5.99 from Kingdom Outdoor Products

Canoeroots Magazine Subscription

CANOEROOTS Subscription: MSRP $20.00 from Canoeroots Magazine

Johnny's Boat Shop Mesh Baseball Cap

JOHNNY’S BOAT SHOP Mesh Baseball Cap: MSRP $20.00 from Johnny’s Boat Shop

AO Spork

Spork: MSRP $2.98 from Algonquin Outfitters

Cabin Falls "Portage Dawn" Print

Portage Dawn – Print: MSRP $60.00 from Hap & Andrea Wilson, Cabin Falls Ecolodge

Trails & Tribulations book from Cabin Falls EcoLodge

Trails & Tribulations- book: MSRP $22.00 from Hap & Andrea Wilson, Cabin Falls Ecolodge

TheCabin book from CabinFalls EcoLodge

The Cabin – book: MSRP $22.00 from Hap & Andrea Wilson, Cabin Falls Ecolodge

Temagami Guide book - from Cabin Falls EcoLodge

Temagami Guide Book – book: MRSP $20.00 from Hap & Andrea Wilson, Cabin Falls Ecolodge

Ancient Pines print from Cabin Falls EcoLodge

Ancient Pine – Print: MSRP $75.00 from Hap & Andrea Wilson, Cabin Falls Ecolodge

Grey Owl & Me book from Cabin Falls EcoLodge

Grey Owl & Me – book: MSRP $22.00 from Hap & Andrea Wilson, Cabin Falls Ecolodge




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