Paddle In The Park Contest - There are rewards to getting "Out There"
More paddles. More rewards. More time in nature.

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This top class of adventurers are the scouts and leaders of our wilderness trails. You have many hours of canoeing and portaging under your belt and have the “Paddle Points” to prove it. Backwoods travellers, both young and old, look to you for guidance and counsel on trip and respect your experience and knowledge when …

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You understand what it takes to slog a canoe or a loaded pack across a portage and have taken many trips into the backcountry. Not afraid to take on a challenge, your love for the Wilderness is shown in the quantity and quality of the adventures you take. *Achieved with 1000 or more Paddle Points

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You have a good amount of knowledge about the backcountry and can find your way around a compass. You get “Out There” as often as you can, although you feel like it is never enough. *Achieved with 500 Paddle Points!

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You have a passion for getting “Out There”. You are willing to explore new places and spend time in Nature. A true adventurer, making camp comes natural to you. *Achieved with more than 10 Paddle Points!

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