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More paddles. More rewards. More time in nature.

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Connecting with Nature
Gopher in the wild.
From Kevin Callan's "The New Trailside Cookbook" 1/2 cup all purpose flour 1/2 cup whole wheat flour 3 tbsp powdered milk 1 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 cup water Plus: cinnamon...
Back out to camp #RewardsAreOutThere
It's been a couple years but we got her back out. She misses and loves it.
casting call?
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So this happened a couple of weeks ago. If you ask Josh, he wrestled out of a head lock with a bear. If...
Hello Hap!
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In line at dinner for the North Bay Mattawa Canoe race. Lo and behold, this guy is in front of us. Felt slightly...
Big Joe Muffraw. A new 16 foot wooden carving statue unveiled this weekend in Mattawa ON.
Joe Montferrand (1802-1864) is one of Canada's most famous lumberjacks and athletes, and as Joe Mufferaw, has recently become one of Canada's folk heroes. He...
What a fun loveing group
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Socks with sandles
Usual day at camp for us
Handsome photographer
He just happens to be my hubby lol
Sign on a hike
The number 9 post on the hike in bon echo
Tom Thompson
My son looking through a tom Thompson book. Also checking out the painting in the store.
Bon echo inn
This was the place where bon echo inn was located where many artist stayed. They also offer free painting lessons to guests. The group of...
Down from silver peaks
The rain came in buckets on our decent from silver peaks
It’s Christmas in Killarney?
I think this bling is point worthy lol
He turned to fast
I tired too get a picture with my son before we started breakfast, but he turned away to fast!
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