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Our kitchen for the day
was feeling a little spoiled while out there with this countertop which I assume was made by the park staff
Daddy’s Big Helper
she was so excited to help daddy with the and all
Cowboy Coffee
Getting my primus single burner canister stove lit to boil some cowboy coffee. Coffee... a necessity of life ;) along with fire and cooking of...
My Million Star Accomodations
This would be me, in my tent, taking a selfie.. But what you will notice way beyond the beauty of myself ;) Is the spectacular...
Nature`s Television
After checking the local burn ban notice for the QE II Wildlands Provincial Park on the Ontario Parks website, we were surprised and happy to...
Stuck Inside…..losing my mind.
I know first aid is important - but I need my head checked for booking my re-certification for a summer weekend!!!
Look Ma, no hands :)
My buddy Bill and I carrying tandem on the 1400m portage out of Sheldon lake into Devils lake QE II Wildlands. We were able to...
Trip Log
End of day #1 on Sheldon Lake in the Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands. I pulled out my journal to log the days events before settling...
Snafu`d, swiped, taken :)
Here is my friend Bill looking out over Sheldon Lake from my hammock he snafu`d from me while I was busy. I don`t blame him...
Muskoka Paddle Shack
our favourite pit stop on they way to cottage.....its a small store but the staff are great and they always have what we need
Fell off the chair
these 2 thought it was the funniest thing ever
Wedding Paddles
Instead of a guest book we had people sign our paddles at our wedding. These are our #wildernessbling
Park rangers
I found a group of park rangers at the wildlife research day
Watch out for the rock!
We dodged this rock at the take out just in time. You could see flecks of aluminum and paint from other canoes already on it
Canoe in the Wild
Canoe tied up while we enjoy the diving rock!
Ummm… deeper than you thought?
Maybe enjoying ourselves a little too much.
All Smiles!
Enjoying ourselves doing a little exploring at a dried up beaver pond.
Go jump in a Lake!
What else do you do when its 30 degrees out? Go jump in a lake!
Let’s Roll
Getting ready to head out!
Tarp and Tent
Home sweet home while at the Temagami Canoe Festival.
Cabin Falls
We met Hap and Andrea at the outdoor adventure show in the winter and got our cabin falls book signed
Greg testing out the new pack
Getting ready for another trip to Algonquin and this time we have a new pack to bring along. The "Gregory" Baltoro 85!
Gettin Ready for Trip#2 to Algonquin
Yes the rubber duckies are coming too :)
Hop, Skip and a Jump Away
We are very fortunate to have the Canadian Canoe Museum in our Hometown. Our son loves to go there, and I take pride in telling...
My Favorite Past Time
Even when I am not planning a trip I like to study maps, whether on the computer or printed form, I can spend hours gazing...
New Look, Same Great Place
Stopped into WildRock Outfitters this evening to pick up a last minute supplies before heading out on a canoe camp tomorrow after work. I did...
Wild book on my trip.
Always a good read.
My Fav. Route
This is an old MNR map of the Larder River Provincial Park which has always been my favourite route.
Solo Carry.
Not the best foot wear for the job, but made it through without incident. And who is this Carry?