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The Need to Return
We have camped at Bon Echo many times, but before finding the "Happy Camper" badger paddle we did not visit the park yet this year....
Hiker and the Warden
We had the opportunity to talk to the Warden at Bon Echo PP when at the Visitor Center. She was familiar with the PITPC and...
Late Arrival (Better Late Than Never)
We arrived later then expected when travelling to Bon Echo PP, due to work commitments. Kelly is in sorting out the paperwork at the main...
Site of Falling Branches
Camped on this site for two nights in Bon Echo PP Fairway section. During the second night strong winds and heavy ran caused a large...
Hiker’s Book (He Makes Sure to Let Me Know)
Here I am trying to get through the pages of Kevin Callan's book "A Paddler's Guide to Cottage Country". It is a copy of the...
Beans and a Book
Sitting down with Hap Wilsons book "Canoeing and Hiking Wild Muskoka" and eating a can of beans at the campfire. It goes without saying that...
Hang out – Mom and me!!
For the second year in a row, we did Mom and Daughter camping. This year we added a day trip paddling in Killarney.
Close to home (cottage) favourite…
This one was a hard one - as I've used 4 outfitters this year and they were all great (Algonquin Outfitters, Adventure Outfitters, Killarney Kanoes...
Searching in Smoky Lake for the paddle…..I know it’s here somewhere!!!
I traveled to Smoky Lake as I knew based on the clues it was there somewhere. I guess either on one of the three...
Cottage Paddle Collection
Since I didn't find a Badger paddle this year - guess, I'll have to ask for one for Christmas?!?!!
On the trail
This one leads to the water.....
Life is better when one is outside…..
Can't get enough of the northern wilderness......
Every scratch was earned….
Okay, I know aluminum canoes don't get repaired like some other types but I had to use this canoe- it's got history. 46 years old...
Southern Belle in a canoe?!?!
Now if we could only find her a designer PFD!!!!
Trails and Tribulations – Hap Wilson
Enjoyed this book - however I don't recommend reading the chapters about ghosts and spirits at night in your tent on a solo trip!!! ...
Tambourine Man??
Doubles as bear bells on my pack! (although, by the number of chipmunks in camp - I think it actually attracted chipmunks!!!!)
Where I cook!!
I like to keep it simple and I love my mini kettle!!!!
Fishing with my little girl
Whenever I head up north, fishing is always a must thing to do
I’m not as young as I used to be…
A 50 lb canoe and a 50 lb barrel were fine....20 years ago... :)
Start DANG IT!
For some reason the kelly kettle didn't want to cooperate. When the boss wants her tea, she REALLY wants her tea! ;)
Sun set on night 2.
Quite challenging getting any view of the decal, but it's there
Staying well back…
Bambi and mom would have run off if we'd come within 50 meters. We opted for a clear shot of them at the expense...
Northern skyline canoe lake
Pardon the other paddlers in the picture, it was the Monday of labor day weekend.
Breakfast bars??? Do I have to?!?!
A voyageur start to our day, and breakfast bars on the portage.
The boss looking good in her wilderness bling…
Tilley hat, sierra wind breaker, lulu-lemon zip-offs, canoe shoes, and a garmin to boot:)
How to: Ep1 – Set up a tarp
From the happy camper How to episodes: Using a truckers hitch to set a tight centre line for the tarp.
Visit to Badger Paddles
Had a lovely visit with Fiona and her husband Mike this past weekend!
Upside down Canoe
.....about to be righted
Our rental for the weekend
Hope one day we will own one
One last trip!
Our girl is 13 now, and her hips and eyes are giving out, so we gave her one last trip before retirement.
Two Trips!? that’s for wimps.
Fortunately, this is at the END of the trip, not the beginning, so the food barrel is MUCH lighter.
Pam shows off some tire dirt
pam shows some "tread" after grabbing a tire to keep from falling in.
mosquitoes attacking the bare feet
You'd think that a weekend in the same socks would keep them away!